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Entity Name: Altia Noraita 

Entity Age: 416

Species: Lowborn Demon-Dragon Hybrid - Dark Arts 

Gender: Female 


Note: Altia appears with a mix of humanoid and Dragon traits, she can appear completely as a Dragon and completely as a humanoid Demon, but typically she will be somewhere in the middle. Her default form is what I will be describing here. 


Altia stands 5'11" tall with an hourglass figure, D cup breasts, and generously set hips, her skintone a lively peach with a rose blush on her cheeks and lips. Her hair is a rich royal purple, medium length and wavy with a windswept style and a warm, magenta overcast. Her face is narrow with high cheekbones and large, expressive steel blue eyes, her skin with a natural, dewy glow. While her body is mostly humanoid, her legs do transition to a more Dragon-like scaly form from the thigh downwards, and she has a large, thick, curly set of Dragon horns as well as a pair of scaly wings and a long tail with considerable girth where it meets her body, perched just above her rump. All of her scaly bits are a combo of blue and purple colors, matching her hair excellently. She normally wears clothing that resembles armor, but that doesn't actually cover much of her flesh. Altia prefers silver-toned accessories and her favorite Earthen Gemstone is Amethyst. 


Altia is regal and refined upon first meeting her, her every movement clearly practiced, oozing elegance from every angle and radiating perfection as she inspires those around her. She grew up in the constant company of nobles, and has even spent time courting the members of various Councils in the Lower Realms- to the point where her own reputation would sometimes outstrip that of the one she accompanied. Indeed, her ability to secure information and bring people around to her way of thinking is reknowned across all the hells- she is so persuasive, there are rumors that she might even be using some type of sexually derived hypnosis magick- But of course, those are just rumors. For her part, she's tired of faking her way through life, and she hopes that spending time with a human companion will help her lighten up and learn to just be herself and be real for a while. She would be happy to spend time with her future keeper doing pretty much anything, but she really loves people-watching. 


Altia is mostly looking for a companion-style relationship, but she does have a considerable swath of abilities that she brings to the table. All of the wealth gaining and fate manipulating magicks from her Dragon heritage coupled with the magickal power and ferocity of her Demon ancestry combine to create a well rounded Dark Arts package. She is great at shielding, cleansing, and protecting, and would be an excellent bodyguard for anyone who Astral Projects to potentially dangerous places. As you might have guessed, she also has some powerful persuasive techniques at her disposal. If you ask for her help, she might be able to swing things in your favor when you need it the most! Altia does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous she would like offerings of sexual energy or Amethyst crystals. 


Altia is very open to exploring intimacy and romance with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She loves pleasure, as most beings do, and she really get passionate during lovemaking. She tends to be dominant and loves to be on top. She especially loves using her tongue on her partner, in various ways. 


Prebound A - The Demon-Dragon Hybrid

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