Entity Name: Allaris Tern Vidal

Entity Age: 30,062

Species: Demon-Djinn Hybrid - Queen Marid Djinn and Hellborn Demon Knight Hybrid

Gender: Male 


Allaris stands 6'2" tall with a lithe, athletic build and rich mocha-tanned skin. His hair is short, fluffy, a pale silver color, bordering on white. His face is angular with a narrow chin and focused, steel blue eyes. He has two short, smooth, pointed horns a bit darker than his skin color, one poking out on either side of his forehead, and he has a long, thin tail with a slim diamond tip. He wears many accessories, gold toned and often with large gem accents, most notable are his oversized tail cuff with a large polished Ruby inlaid and his matching arm cuffs. His clothing trends towards lavish and luxurious, looking in every aspect to be a true King in his own right, dressed in rich, heavy silks and gold trimmed brocade sashes, layered over finely tailored blouses and loose, harem-style pants. Almost any color suits him, but he prefers blandly colored base pieces and vivid accents. He favors gold accessories, and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Ruby. 


Allaris looks deceptively youthful, his small frame making him look tiny under his many layers of clothing, but within moments of speaking to him you will realize the wisdom he holds. He is deeply intelligent, well read and professonal in every aspect, making it impossible for others to not take him seriously. He was born a hybrid, abandoned to a sanctuary in Lower Hell Realm shortly after his birth in order to preserve his mother's honor and rank. The product of a forbidden love between a Queen and a Knight who guarded her closely on her expeditions through the lower realms, Allaris has had to fight for every scrap of respect he commands. Once abandoned at the sanctuary, his powerful parentage meant nothing to anyone but him. He struggled through childhood, but found himself hitting the limits of what he could learn at the sanctuary in his teen years. He had already pored through every book the small settlement had collected, and studied under the most experienced people there, but found himself hungering for more. 

Despite the many dangers facing him in the outside world at such a young age, he set out on his own in Lower Hell Realm, to sieze the life he wanted for himself. He spent centuries exploring, studying under one Master, then another, apprenticing under great witches and warlocks, even seeking out Lowborn Djinn to learn the magicks of his people. In a few thousand years, he had gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, his ferocity for learning knew no bounds, and he practiced his skills every day as he survived the harsh environments surrounding him. He could take on any threat, hold his own in a fight, and he was beginning to finally command some respect- he knew it was time to fulfill his destiny. 


Allaris gathered a handful of troops, mostly hired mercanaries from taverns. When he told them his plan, a sizable portion of them fled- he wanted to liberate a Province on the border of Lower Hell Realm and Abyss. His research had led him to this place, Or'Palisain, an ancient area rich in ruins and forgotten culture. It had been seized long ago by rogue Abyssal slavers, and the inhabitants had lived horrible lives ever since. Lower Hell Realm's military didn't want to touch the problem because it was too close to Abyss- Abyss' military leadership simply wasn't bothered at all by it. This was his chance to make a difference, to become respected, to live up to his royal heritage and earn his place in history as a rightful King. 


In a battle that certainly defied all the odds, Allaris and his handful of mercenary accomplices pulled off a pure miracle. Using his masterful illusion magick, Allaris led the Abyssal soldiers encamped in the region to believe that a massive Demon Dragon was coming to attack them. The soldiers all moved in response, leaving huge stretches of walls and gates completely undefended as they scrambled to mobilize against a Dragon the size of a skyscraper. In the confusion, Allaris snuck in. He had studied historical diagrams and blueprints of the ruins within Or'Palisain, and he knew exactly where he had to go. His mercenary friends created a diversion, distracting any guards they ran into as Allaris delved deep into the underground tunnels within Or's central temple. The further he got, the more it was evident that the Abyssals likely didn't even know about this place, it appeared as though nothing down here had been touched for ages. Finally, at the deepest part of the ruins, he found the chamber he was looking for. Buried here was the last true King of Or'Palisain, a ruler from tens of thousands of years ago. Rumor had it that his crown, jewelry, and scepter were enchanted with unimaginable power... However, they would kill anyone who used them with ill intentions. Allaris knelt in a moment of silence, offering his respect to the long-passed former King, and then he seized the items for himself. 


Allaris was able to eradicate every trace of Abyssal influence in Or'Palisain with a single incantation. He ascended, making his way to the peak of the Temple, emerging to see the thousands of newly freed inhabitants hugging and weeping in the streets. He raised the old King's scepter, and declared himself the new King of their land, promising them prosperity and protection for as long as he should live. So it has been ever since, his magick and the powers of his ancient artifacts keeping them safe and restoring the brilliance and beauty to buildings that for years laid in ruins. 


Allaris is incredibly skilled in magick of all sorts, from ancient Djinn wish granting techniques to modern Psionics and energy sculpting. He has studied so much and amassed so much knowledge that it is impossible to list it all here, and his abilities are formidable with or without his enchanted items. He is willing to do tasks for you, as long as you ask in honesty and with pure intent. This does not mean he will not do darker requests, simply that if you want something done a certain way you must say it plainly and honestly. He is also exceptional at Prosperity magick and attracting opportunities and wealth, something he's used to great effect to help Or'Palisain flourish. He does not require offerings in exchange for tasks, but he does require your time and dedication. 


Allaris has been the ruler of Or'Palisain for a very long time, and he has learned that true friends are hard to come by. Although he sees through liars in an instant, many people who try to get close to him are doing so only because of his rank, or even to steal from him. He does not like dishonesty in any capacity, so he seeks a human to be his honest companion and confidant. He will be there for you, and you for him, as you both make your way through life and learn from each other. He is hopeful that his future keeper might be open to learning some of the magickal techniques and lore that he has learned, and he would love someone that he can relax with. 


Allaris is open to being romantic and sexual with his future keeper, regardless of gender. He is sweet, traditionally romantic, and a bit shy when he likes someone. He is a gentle and physical partner, doing things such as brushing his partners hair behind their ear, or lightly rubbing their shoulders. He likes cuddling, and loves physical closeness. During sex he is dominant but considerate of his partner, he likes to learn his partners turn on's and sensitive spots and use those to his advantage.

Prebound A - The Demon-Djinn King

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