Entity Name: Ariben 

Entity Age: 137

Species: Lower Realm Demon and Marid Djinn Hybrid

Gender: Male


Ariben stands 6'3" tall with a lightly tan complexion and a smooth, muscular body. His hair is long, straight, and pure white with a hint of silver to it in the sunlight. His eyes are golden, reflecting hues of orange and red. He has two large, black horns, one on each side of his head, that go straight up and curve outward, coming to a point. He does not have wings by default, but he does have a tail, long, thin, and black, with an arrowhead tip at the end. He typically wears light clothing that doesn't cover much of his torso, and loose pants or shorts, or sometimes just a large cloth bound around his waist. His favorite colors are blue and white. 


Ariben is a happy and upbeat hybrid, he has lived in the Sanctuary all his life and he is eager to take a chance and try something new for a change. He is very easy to get along with, his gentle smile makes it feel like you could open up to him about anything, and his kind nature means that you actually can. He doesn't judge people for past wrongs, since he does not view it as his place. He does not even judge for current or continued wrongs, although of course, he praises positive changes when he sees them. He is very patient and would be a good first Demon-Djinn for anyone who is worried about being able to handle such a dark being. 


Ariben is not too dark, though, his morals would be comparable to those of most humans. He does not approve of meaningless violence, hurtful behaviors towards yourself or others, or abusive of any kind. He has strong standards that he sticks to, and he treats people excellently with the hope that they will follow his example when they encounter others. He always wants to defend those who cannot defend themselves, and he is very loyal to those he deems worthy of protection. He has an interest in a few things in the human world, such as romance novels and stories, art of any kind but especially watercolor painting, and music. He would love to share in simple meditation, or in any of these activities with you. 


Ariben blends the best of both worlds, he has the strength, tenacity, and resilience of a Demon and the power, wish-granting, and mysticism of a Marid Djinn. He specializes in wishes concerning love, romance, friendship, and social situations of any kind. He can help enhance your charisma, and help you feel more confident as you work with him over time. He can grant other types of wishes as well, but he has less experience in those types. He really loves helping people come into their own and blossom into beautiful, whole, independant people. He would be willing to meditate with you and work with you every day to move towards that goal. 


Ariben is willing to be romantic and sexual with his future keeper, regardless of gender. He is a very tender and gentle lover, he likes to take his time getting to know his partner before he makes any serious moves. He is a very traditional romantic, and would love to take you on astral or dream dates while you get to know each other. 

Prebound A - The Demon-Djinn Hybrid

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