Entity Name: Atil Rorori

Entity Age: 32

Species: Dragan - Enrora - Grey Arts 

Gender: Male 


Atil stands 6' tall not counting his ears and horns, his figure slim and mostly humanoid with a mix of Dragon-like traits, his skin covered with small, velvety smooth scales in a mix of deep azure blue and white tones, the paler colors being more towards his belly and chest. His hair is sleek and finely textured with a light wave, not quite as pronounced as the example picture, more of a tousled 'beachy' effect, the mix of deep blue and silver strands giving him a very aquatic vibe. His face is proportioned as a human's, with bright green eyes and a toothy fanged smile, his tongue pale blue with a forked tip. He has two large 'ears' that come to points and two medium length smooth white horns positioned just behind the ears, poking out from beneath his hair. His wings are quite smooth in appearance, with a rich pattern of various blues on the back and a pale light blue and white color underneath them. His tail is long and thin, featuring a trail of rounded spikes that starts at his mid back and follows down nearly to the tip. He normally wears little clothing, a tank top and shorts would be as dressed as he tends to get, he especially loves shorts with lots of pockets. He prefers silver toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Lapis. 


Atil is a shy and soft spoken Dragan, opposite of the fiery and outspoken norm for their species. He has always felt like an outsider since his coloration is so rare, and although he hasn't been explicitly bullied or ostracized for it, he has always noticed others giving him odd looks and staring a bit too long. He ended up retreating from the public eye whenever possible, preferring to spend his free time deep in meditation and self imposed studies. As he opens up to you, you'll find a very sweet and gentle personality hidden behind his usual silence, his voice is deep and relaxing to listen to and his presence is quite reassuring. He has faced adversity in his life, and he feels that he has learned how to deal with it quite well, always believing in himself despite being different- he would like to go to someone who relates to him in this way, someone he can help to build up their own confidence over time. He is especially interested in artists, particularly poetry and fine art such as illustration, as he finds that self expression is crucial to self confidence and he would love to encourage someones creativity. 


Atil is not necessarily the strongest being when it comes to pure physical strength, and perhaps not even as far as magickal combat abilities- he has always been more of a lover than a fighter. He is exceptionally skilled in healing and water based magicks though, specializing in dealing with emotions and helping to quell anxiety and impulsivity. These are skills he has had to hone to perfection to help himself out, so he'd be glad to share them with his future keeper. He lives in Enrora, although he has moved out of the Dragan's traditional home (the innards of a volcano) and instead made a place for himself in some secluded, icy mountains. He would love to meditate with his future keeper and show them where he lives, as there is much beauty to explore within his home realm. He would love to go on walks with his future keeper and explore the nature around their home, as well! 

Atil does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous he would love to be invited to drink tea with you and he would also love offerings of blue gemstones such as Lapis. 


Atil is interested in the eventual development of a romantic and/or sexual relationship with his future keeper, regardless of their gender. He has never been close enough to anyone to develop this part of his life, but he feels that he has a lot to *ahem* give in this area. He has some interest in using his tail during sexual activities, whether to restrain or perhaps as an exploratory aid for various nooks and crannies. Like all Dragan, when Atil is exceptionally aroused he will enter a fiery state where he is purely driven by lust, his sexual organs will become even more enlarged than usual and his body temperature will increase so much that touching him feels almost as if it will burn you. (It is okay though, it will not burn you.) 

Prebound A - The Blue Dragan

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