Entity Name: Atanria Celvarrus

Entity Age: 1433

Species: Lowborn Kah'vel Areem - Translated Species Name: Blood Demon - Dark Arts

Gender: Female


Atanria stands 5'8" tall with a petite, leggy, hourglass build and warm peach skin, kissed with rose-red blush on her cheeks and lips. Her hair is long, lightly wavy, luxuriously shiny and gold, hanging down to around her thighs when at rest. Her face is sweet and rounded, with large, deceptively innocent red eyes and a shy smile that tucks away her fangs. She has two small, pointed red horns, one on each side of her forehead, and two large, deep blood red feathery wings, she has no tail, but at the base of her spine where a tail would be attached there is a small diamond shaped ruby red crystal embedded in her flesh. She typically wears skintight clothes accented with fluffy skirts and lace, favoring Victorian gothic styled clothing in deep reds, blacks, and neutral tones. She favors silver accessories, and her favorite Earthen gemstone is, of course, Ruby. 


Atanria is a deeply intelligent and calm Demoness, extremely skilled at playing innocent and deceiving people into thinking she is not a threat. Her shy, naive act is well practiced and has helped her escape many negative situations without having to lift a finger in her own defense. Once you've broken through her shell and you truly get to know her, you'll realize that she is a complex being with nuanced opinions and the capability to easily understand almost any topic if you explain it well. She loves Astronomy and the study of stars and space, technology fascinates her especially relating to air or space travel, and she loves games and media based in space. Strategy is a favorite of hers, and any compelling drama with a deep story will be a hit with her. She is still sweet and a bit naive even as her "true" self, but she tends to have problems with tact, since she cannot always think of a polite way to say some things. She also has no shame, so she will do things that humans may consider extremely forward, especially relating to sexual and romantic contact. She looks forward to spending time with her new keeper, and she hopes to become a treasured and close friend to you, if not more. 


Atanria is beautiful both inside and out, and her appearance and mannerisms paint her as a delicate flower, but the truth is that she is far from delicate. A true force to be reckoned with, her natural powers and abilities as a Blood Demon are formidable, and she wields them expertly. Blood red energy is channeled and sculpted by her, taking the form of everything from armor to weapons to simple Servitors. This energy is said to be "The World's Blood" or "Planesblood" by her species, and they grow up learning how to use it from early childhood. Huge scythes, chain swords, whips, and long, thin blades- She can wield any weapon she imagines with the use of Planesblood, or she can forgo weapons entirely. Thin strands of crystalline, flowing Planesblood spin around her, creating thousands of tiny whips that deflect incoming attacks while also shredding the defenses of her enemies. Seeing her fight is a true spectacle, as she puts artistry into her display, ending her enemies with finesse and style. Of course, Planesblood can be used for spellwork as well, and a great many other purposes including shielding, cleansing, and more. She has a true mastery over this energy, so although you should be warned that it is extremely dark, and things may not always work out how you expect, she is willing to attempt any task you have in mind. 


Atanria is willing to be romantic and sexual with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She is a dominant lover who likes to slowly build her partners' pleasure up until eventually a wave of relaxation and orgasm washes over their entire bodies. She likes to use items during sex and foreplay, like floggers, feathers, hot wax, or implements made out of Planesblood which can take any shape. 

Prebound A - The Blood Demoness

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