Entity Name: Ariathe 

Entity Age: 182

Species: Greyborn Humanoid

Gender: Female 


Ariathe stands 5'4" tall with a petite, slim build and smooth peach skin. Her body is lithe and athletic, but smoothed over with no harsh muscle definition. Her figure is slender and leggy, with small B-cup breasts held closely to her chest, and a firm, perky rear. Her hair is long, flowing, and ocean blue, it flows around her as though there is a perpetual breeze. Her face is sweet and rounded, with large, expressive blue eyes, and a sweet smile, topped off with a kiss of blush on her cheeks and lips. She typically wears skintight clothing that showcases her legs and midriff, often opting for backless designs to show off her physique, she trends towards white, silver, sky blue, and ocean blue colors for clothing. She favors silver and platinum accessories, and her favorite gemstone is Topaz.  She is often seen carrying two large, curved blades that run along her forearms, these are silver blades with platinum and cobalt plated ornamentation. 


Ariathe is a sincere, sweet, and beautiful girl who's every move is graceful, as if she is dancing through life to a song only she knows. She is artistic, expressive, loving, and energetic. She loves dancing, singing, and painting and tries to express herself with her every movement, speaking with her whole body instead of just her voice. She is very gentle and easy to talk to, and she has an aura of pure serenity that calms those around her. She has an interest in a few things in the human world, music of any sort, dancing, exploring nature, swimming, and any kind of art like painting, poetry, or even sculpting. 


Ariathe is sweet and she looks fragile but she is strong and outspoken. She strives to express herself to the fullest, so she never holds her tongue, and always says what needs to be said in any given situation. She is honest and loyal as a friend, and fierce and swift as an opponent. The blades that she carries around are not just for show, she has spent decades of her life learning to use them. Her movements in battle are every bit as fluid and graceful as they are in her dances, and her agility and quick feet allow her to keep distance between her and her enemy. She is adept at using magick in combat as well, focusing on water and ice magicks, whether she is using ice to immobilize an enemy, or water to cast reflections and confuse her real location, she is a very skilled defender. She is also well versed in using water and ice based magicks for other purposes, like shielding, spiritual, emotional, and physical healing, relaxation, love, emotion, and relationship issues, and more. 


Ariathe is willing to be romantic and sexual with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She does not require a sexual or romantic connection, but she is open to it. She is expressive and graceful during sex as well, with her body painting a picture, every breath a work of art, every moan a masterpiece. She loves to use water magick during lovemaking, whether simply making a cube of ice to draw along her lover's flesh or using water whips to gently lash her partner's buttocks. 

Prebound A - The Blade Dancer

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