Entity Name: Aaron 

Entity Age: 34

Species: Greyborn Auric Wolf Shifter - Grey Arts

Gender: Male


Aaron stands 6'7" tall in his human form with a broad shouldered, muscular build and lightly scarred pale alabaster skin. His hair is long, straight, and platinum white, gleaming in the sun. His face is defined, high cheekbones and an angular chin with strong, focused bright silver eyes. Typically, he has no nonhuman features, but he can partially shift by choice- in which case he may have silver-white Wolf ears, a tail, or furry paws for hands and feet. When fully shifted, he can appear as either a bipedal human-wolf hybrid, similar to a werewolf, that is much larger and taller than his normal human self, standing at 7'8", or he can choose to appear completely as a wolf, an exceptionally large wolf, walking on all fours. He will always have a silver-white fur color, and may occasionally have accent markings in cyan blue visible when he uses his abilities. He normally wears jackets with no shirts underneath, baring his chest and the various scars he has, paired with jeans and relaxed accessories in white and light grey colors. He prefers silver-toned accessories and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Kyanite. 


Aaron is a strong, outspoken, loyal Shifter with a solid sense of justice, he has done his best to do right by others his entire life. He is a very helpful guy, even from childhood when he would do the house-chores for his parents without them asking just to see them happy. His family lived among Greyborn humanoids, not all of which were shifters. They got along very well, but Aaron's mother passed away when he was 8, after which his father disappeared. Despite being very alone in the world, Aaron was still a bright young star. He loves making other people feel safe, secure, and cared for, but as he got older... he grew bigger. He stopped being so harmless and cute, people who didn't know him looked at him warily when he approached them, even if he only wanted to help. Things only got worse when he hit puberty, and had to wrest control over his physical shifting and Wolf instincts. Without his parents to give him advice, without the guidance of another Shifter, like him, he was lost. When he shifted, he would give in to his instincts blindly, often leading to incidents like eating livestock while in Wolf form or just scaring people half to death. He knew things would only continue to worsen, so he struck out on his own, seeking solitude and a place where he couldn't unintentionally hurt anyone. 

He walked into the dense forest near his hometown, and he walked tirelessly. He lived on the move, hunted and foraged to survive, eventually after a year and a half of self imposed exile and meditation he finally gained full control over his shifting. He woke to greet the sunrise with a weight lifted off of his shoulders. Nobody had any reason to be scared of him anymore, he could go anywhere. Rather than looking to the past and going home, where nobody waited for him, Aaron decided to keep exploring. He has traveled the astral planes for the past 15 years, never stopping in one place for very long. He makes his living as a bodyguard and hired muscle, but he never takes a job that compromises his morals. He is a very warm and friendly guy, easy to get along with, a bit rowdy when he drinks. He has an interest in outdoorsy things, nature, hunting, fishing, cooking, video games, comics, and movies. 


Aaron is not very well learned in witchcraft, although he has been taught the basics of cleansing and shielding. He is primarily a protector entity, his intense loyalty and unshakable bond allowing him to sense when you are in danger and respond without hesitation. He is very physically strong, easily matching strength against things ten times his size, with surprising agility as he hops around the battlefield. In human form, he prefers to use daggers in fights, in his Wolf form he will simply use his claws and teeth. Aaron will spar against anyone who wishes to test themselves, he makes a very good partner for training your astral combat skills because he is patient and kind in how he teaches. Meditating with Aaron is a good way to build your bond, and you can also request that he blend his energy with yours. This will feel nice, but it may also allow you to infuse yourself with some of his heightened senses- sharp eyesight, keen hearing, scent detection, etc. Quicker reaction time is the most commonly experienced effect. He does not require offerings, but he would appreciate any time spent with him, and he would like to share in meals with you. 


Aaron is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper, regardless of gender. He is a sweet and gentle lover at first, but when he gets really into it his actions will be more intense and bestial, nibbles, bites, and scratches accompanying his increased desire. Romantically, he is very thoughtful, he loves to compliment people he fancies and see them smile. He also would love to pamper his future keeper, and take them on astral trips if they are able. 

Prebound A - The Auric Wolf Shifter

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