Entity Name: Ayvani  pronounced Ay-vah-knee 

Entity Age: 5  Hatchday January 3rd

Species: Oceanic Dragon and Sapphire Gemstone Dragon Hybrid

Gender: Female


Ayvani is  9' from nose to tail, about chest height to an average human with most of her length in her tail and neck, her scales are a brilliant mix of a semi-translucent ocean blue and a sparkly deep Sapphire tone. She has a typical Western-Dragon styled body with two arms, two legs, two wings, an elongated neck and a long tail. She tends to walk on all fours, but she is capable of standing and walking on her two hind legs if she feels like it. Her face features a slim muzzle and dazzling cyan blue eyes with a hint of a silver ridge beginning to develop on the back of her head, running down her neck. Although it is unclear how much influence she will take from her Oceanic heritage, she does have some hints of fins growing in along the side of her tail. She does not usually wear accessories, and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Lapis Lazuli. 


Ayvani is a quieter hatchling than most, preferring to bury her nose in study or busy herself with meditation rather than running around and causing a ruckus. She shows the beginnings of a very spiritual and magickal personality, with clear signs of intense empathy and a drive to help and heal others. She loves self expression in all forms and would quickly take to art or music if you provided her the opportunity to do so, even if it was something less 'exciting' like poetry. She is quite young of course, but she already shows great promise in shapeshifting and illusion magicks- often appearing as a humanoid child, which confuses the heck out of her Dragon caretakers. She hopes to go to a keeper who feels very water-aligned, someone who is interested in healing and who will provide her the opportunity to learn and grow in her healing arts. Ideally, she would prefer a keeper with less overtly sexual beings in their keep- She is very empathic, and she does not enjoy picking up the feelings of very sexual beings. 


Ayvani has a brilliant mind and her energy shines brightly like a star, her genetic mix gives her a good starting point to work with Water magicks, Crystal magicks, as well as Stellar energies. Her knack for healing will make her a valuable companion to anyone who frequently feels emotionall overwhelmed or hurt, since even as young as she is she is quite skilled at brightening the moods of those around her. She would love to meditate with her future keeper and be their confidant, to help them work through past traumas and become a stronger person over time. 

Ayvani does have Dragon caretakers and a place to live, eat, and sleep in her current realm, so you needn't worry about teaching her absolutely everything or finding a place for her to stay right away. Eventually she would love to move into her future keeper's astral area, though. 


Raising a Dragon from such a young age is a real responsibility and precious to take part in. Ayvani will grow immensely loyal to you and very attached, if your bond is strong enough she will likely follow you and your family through many lifetimes. 

Ayvani is expected to become a rather large Dragon, as Oceanic Dragons tend to get huge- quick growth would be normal for her, so do not be alarmed. 

Prebound A - Oceanic and Sapphire Hybrid Baby Dragon

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