Entity Name: Astarte Phillannes 

Entity Age: 3,401

Species: Demon-Dragon Hybrid - Dark Arts 

Gender: Female 


Astarte stands 5'7" tall not counting her horns, her body hourglass shaped with a narrow waist and generous D cup breasts, her hips and rear just as plush while her peachy skin gives her a lively appearance. Her hair is long, nearly down to the small of her back, with a silvery platinum hue that seems nearly white in the light and a straight, wispy texture. Two large, curved horns peak out, one from either side of her forehead, a dark grey hue towards her skull that deepens to a blood red color out at the tips of the horns. Behind her are two large, scaly Dragon-esque wings with  reddish-grey color, similar to her horns. Her tail is Dragon-esque as well, scaled, reddish in color, long and muscular with a sharp arrowhead point at the tip, she often wears jewelry like cuffs around her tail. Her clothing choices tend to be revealing to say the least, usually opting for two piece outfits that would be at home in a fantasy game, making you wonder how she stays warm in the winter. She is never seen without her exceptionally large scythe, which is a living weapon made just for her to assist her in carrying out her duties as a Reaper. She prefers gold-toned accessories and her favorite Earthen Gemstone is Ruby. 


Astarte has a strong personality, she is bold and brash and very bad at holding her tongue, so she ends up being bluntly honest most of the time. She can hold her liquor very well and often spends most of her leisure time drinking other demonics under the table while telling them how humiliated they should be to get bested by one as 'dainty' as she is. Intensely competitive, she would fit in well with someone who likes to play competitive games like online video games or sports- even if she doesn't understand initially, she will pick up the concept and rules quite fast. While most of the ladies I have had on my shop have been meek and innocent, Astarte is very much the opposite of all of that. She is not scared to initiate things, and she does quite enjoy the various pleasures of life, including sex. Her dominant personality means that she is unwilling to play the role of a submissive, even temporarily, so please do not seek her in attempt to 'break' her and dominate her- she is not receptive to that idea at all. Astarte would be happy to spend time with her keeper while they do almost anything, although she has a particular interest in fast cars so if that is something you also like, she would be happy to listen to you talk about it at length. 


Astarte's abilities  are fearsome, as is made clear by her ever present partner the oversized scythe. She is a Reaper, though her species is not typically chosen she has such an aptitude for making the sky cry tears of blood she was hand picked. She has excelled at this profession and she takes pleasure in it, as she knows she is helping to maintain the balance between the worlds of the living and the dead- so why not make it fun? The only problem is that she is so good at her job that sometimes those who pass on don't actually realize that they've been killed at first. She has a full catalog of spells that cause Death and suffering, though she wont use them without good reason as balance is one of the main principles of her profession- so she wont deliberately make things unbalanced by her own actions. Still, if you have anyone in your present or past that you would seek revenge on, she would be more than capable of making that happen. Astarte does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous she would love to receive offerings of sexual energy. 


Astarte is looking forward to being sexually and romantically involved with her keeper. She has never fallen in love before, but she has heard from her peers the intensity of emotions that humans feel and release into the world around them- so she thinks maybe, a human could be the one to make her heart pound even harder than a good battle does. She is intensely sexual, and she loves to be on top. She may also bring toys into intimate play, or mess around with restaints. She is one to push her partners boundaries, so please have an open mind and be willing to experiment if you want to bring her home! 

Prebound A - Demon-Dragon Reaper

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