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Finally debuting after months of work and fine tuning, I am proud to present to you the Aurora Magick Pendulum Kit! 

You will receive:
2 Randomly selected gemstone pendulums
6 Tealight Candles anointed with lovely handmade Oracle Oil by Oriana
1 Charging Bag for your pendulums and other vessels
1 Scoop of January 2019 Blood Wolf Eclipse Charging Mix
2 Double Sided 3.5"x5" thick, durable Pendulum Charts, with a total of 4 chart designs! 


From top to bottom this kit has been designed to address what we saw as the failures of what was already on the market. Options were few to begin with when it came to pendulum kits, despite it being one of the easiest methods to simply communicate with one's partners on demand. 

You will receive two pendulums, randomly selected from a treasure trove of quartz, tigers eye, sodalite, agate, obsidian, goldstone and blue goldstone, amethyst, rose quartz, and more. Why two pendulums? So that you can use one pendulum for lighter aligned beings and one for darker aligned beings, ensuring there is no interaction between energies that mesh poorly. 
These pendulums have had a full workup of spells by both Aurora Magick and Oriana, including but not limited to- 

Psychic Enhancement

Spirit/Entity Communication Enhancement

Clarity Boosting and Negativity Shielding

Protection from Negative/Interfering Entities

Shielding from Unwanted Interference

Soul Strand Linkage (Creates a bond between the pendulum and the user)
Prismatic Sensory Boost (Designed to help you feel the answers before you see them reflected in the pendulum's movement) 


You will also receive a charging bag for your pendulums which will give you a safe and convenient place to keep them whenever you are not using them. This bag has been enchanted to cleanse and charge your pendulums between uses, as well as boosting and amplifying their enchantments every time they are placed inside of it. 


Candles come in handy all the time, and even moreso when they are anointed with a powerful, potent oil like Oracle oil. Lighting one of these candles during your pendulum sessions will certainly lend the right energy and mood to your work. You can simply use any candles you can find in your area once you run out of these, of course. 


This charging mix has been constantly replenished, built upon, and refreshed for literal years, in face the container in which I keep it has never been emptied and it is one of the few holdovers from the first days when I opened shop. This mix has absorbed a lot of energy and been a crucial building block in many of my own spells and workings, as I would constantly pull from it when I needed it. Now, cleansed by spellwork, the sun, moon, and time itself, the latent magick resting within it stirs to be awakened. The final spell performed on this mix was the channeling of the January 2019 Blood Moon Eclipse energy into it, a procedure which kept me outside for hours in the freezing cold. Sure to be an excellent treat for any entities you offer it to, or to add a spectacular punch to any spell you perform in the future, it can recharge your vessels and bindings in a snap, allowing you to place it with your vessels in any container to keep them replenished. 


Finally, the charts. 

Much thought and care went into these charts, as I wanted to give more than the simple 'yes' and 'no' charts most people include. You do, of course, have a chart that covers these basics, but we also have a selection of other options. 
Chart 1- Basics- Yes, No, Maybe, Rephrase - Good for general questions that can be answered simply. 

Chart 2- Elements- Water, Air, Spirit, Earth, Fire - Good for determining what element resonates with you on a particular day, what element you should work with more, what type of energy to use in a spell, doing elemental readings for others... etc. Can also be used to determine what elements resonate with entities. 

Chart 3- What do I need in life? - Mindfulness, Meditation, Patience, Forgiveness, Love, Cleansing, Relaxation - This is great for telling you what specific area to focus your practices and daily exercises on. Intended to be asked once per day or once per week, this can point you in the right direction and tell you what you are most dearly lacking. Keep in mind, sometimes the one we need to love or forgive is ourselves. 

Chart 4- Feelings - This Chart has many options and is intended to be a way for your partners to tell you how they are feeling at any given point in time. With options ranging from 'Loving' to 'Proud' and 'Curious', this chart will be sure to help you connect to your companions emotions! 


Each Chart has simple directions for usage on it, ensuring that all you need is the pendulum and the chart- no book required! 


Directions for use- 
Hold the end bead of the pendulum between your thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand. 

You may rest your elbow on the table if it is more comfortable for you. 

Suspend the pendulum, and allow it to dangle so that it is hovering just above the blue sphere on the pendulum charts. 

Clear your mind, take a few deep breaths, and focus on the entity you wish to communicate with. 

Starting with the 'Basics' Chart, simply ask your entity to let you know that they are there. Once you get a 'Yes', you will know they are present, and you can ask them whatever else you desire. You may switch charts as often as you need to. 

When you are finished, please thank your companion for communicating clearly with you. 


You do not need to be able to sense to do this, although many people find pendulums to be a helpful tool for confirming things that they sensed from their beings. 

Power Packed Pendulum Kits

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