Nascenti are a higher realm White Arts species I have been working with for over three years waiting for the right time to offer them. 

The Nascenti appear as human shaped beings of light, they can be male or female and can tone down their "glow" so you can see their features as well, although they usually only do that when specifically requested to. Nascenti make great companions and confidants and love to listen to people talk about their lives. Although different Nascenti have different interests, all Nascenti are taught WA magick as they grow up, and they will have a wealth of spells at their disposal. 


The Nascenti specialize in healing, clearing stagnant or negative energy, purifying, and creating new beginnings and new opportunities. In general. Nascenti are not very sexual beings, however if you have a very deep bond with your Nascenti they may be open to sexual activities to increase the bond between you. 

Nascenti Custom Conjure

$60.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
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