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Multi-Layered Amphibole Quartz Crystal Mini Tower ~ Powerful Crystal!! FREE ENCHANTMENT! 

Small but stunning and incredibly powerful multi-layered Amphibole Quartz with stunning inclusions from Brazil. The inclusions consist of red Hematite, pink Lithium, yellow Limonite, and white Kaolinite. It also features several tiny rainbows!! This is a beautiful piece with potent metaphysical properties!! 

Measures Approximately 30x30x20mm (1.5” tall and 1.25” wide). Weighs Approximately 31 grams. 

These crystals are not yet enchanted. This allows for customization or collection. 

Every Crystal/Vessel purchased from Whimsical Wonders now comes with one free enchantment of your choice. Please select one from the list below and add a note with your order so that I can add it for you! You can add more enchantments using the Enchantment Add-On Listing! 

Enchantments & Energetic Infusions:

Attract Abundance 
Attract Love 
Encourage Self Love 
Strengthen Relationships 
Memory Boost 
Boost Creativity 
Positivity Boost 
Energy Boost 
Pain Relief 
Anxiety Relief

Knock Out Negativity 
Raise Vibration 
Aura Care  
Empath Care 
Assist With Releasing 
Assist With Healing 
Cleansing Energy 
Restorative Energy

Astral Travel Boost
Meditation Assistance 
Intuition Boost
Third Eye Boost 
Divination Boost 
Spirit & Entity Connection
Spirit & Entity Communication
Connect With Higher Self 
Boost Magick & Spell Work


Jupiter: Abundance, business success, finances, growth, travel, learning.

Mars: Action, leadership, courage, physical energy.

Mercury: Communication, divination, intelligence, mental activity.

Moon: Clarity, fertility, nurturing, memories, looking inward.

Neptune: Clairvoyance, intuition, spirituality, subconscious, idealism.

Pluto: Regeneration, destruction of old patterns, transformation, rebirth.

Saturn: Structure, discipline, perseverance, responsibility.

Sun: Authority, prosperity, power, health, vitality, energy, healing, happiness.

Uranus: Liberation, change, originality, freedom.

Venus: Love, beauty, art, relationships, romance, harmony

Demonic Energy
Angelic Energy 
Fae Energy
Mermaid Energy
Dragon Energy 
Djinn Energy 
Phoenix Energy 
Unicorn Energy 
Elven Energy 
Servitor Energy
Human Spirit Energy 
**This is just a partial list! Specify the type of energy you’d like at checkout!**

Better Sleep 
Sweet Dreams 
Dream Recall 
Lucid Dreaming Boost

All crystals listed are cleansed with Palo Santo, Sage, and cedar. They are then cleared and charged using selenite, kyanite, and quartz. 

I store all crystals on my working altar until they are purchased. This allows each piece to soak up a lot of magickal energy in its time here. Before being shipped to a new owner, each Crystal is cleansed and charged again. I can also activate and program crystals for you, infuse them with energies, enchant them, etc. 

Crystals can be used on your altar, your nightstand, or anywhere else you’d like to benefit from the amazing metaphysical properties of crystals! 

Enchantments can be added using the Enchantment Add On Listing. 


Metaphysical Properties:

A crystal with very appealing vibrations, Amphibole Quartz is a commonly used instrument for purposes of meditation.

Amphibole Quartz is a type of quartz that is only found in Brazil, making it a relatively rare crystal. 

The power of the stone to bring its user into close contact with the higher realms makes it a beautiful channel through which a person can seek enlightenment from the spiritual world.

It is named after the group of minerals, “Amphibole” that make a part of this category of quartz stones. Amphibole Quartz is usually very lightly colored and can sometimes even be colorless.

The most commonly found specimen of the quartz is white in color with a touch of yellow, orange, red, gold, brown, peach, or pink in it. 

The color varies based on the composition of the minerals that makes up the specimen of the quartz.

Another name that is given to the crystal is Angel Phantom Quartz, which is a reference to the “phantoms” that appear in the crystal due to the amalgamation of various kinds of minerals.
Each mineral that makes us the stone plays its own distinct role in the overall energy exuded from the rock.

This means that the properties of each of the minerals will be amplified and vibrated across the auric field surrounding the stone.

Apart from the very visible phantoms, the clear areas that are often seen in Amphibole Quartz are meant to bring clarity into your life as well.

These clear spaces especially reflect in your connection with the divine realm, helping you see the higher message that is being sent to you more clearly and with greater understanding.

Known to assist a person’s communication with his or her personal spirit angels, Amphibole Quartz is a great tool for psychic hearing.

In fact, with consistent use of the stone, you will not only develop your innate ability to pay attention to the psychic messages brought down to you but will also experience psychic visions.

The stone will work closely with the energies of your third eye and throat chakras, which are both higher chakras and relate to gifts of clairvoyance.

People who are already blessed with clairaudient gifts will experience a little extra push to their psychic abilities so that they can further strengthen them.
Make use of this boost and put it to great use because the foresight that comes with these powers can save you from several potential dangers that could be headed your way.

In fact, the way that this stone protects you from facing adverse challenges in life is not by diverting them elsewhere but actually by empowering you so much that you can handle what is thrown at you with greater ease.

Multi-Layered Amphibole Quartz Crystal Mini Tower ~ Powerful Crystal!