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Moroccan Selenite ~ Powerful Crystal  

This Moroccan selenite Crystal has been enchanted to help you:

* Activate all chakras 
* Cleanse & Purify yourself & your aura  
* Connect with your guides and with higher dimensions
* Bring you protection & tranquility 

This stunning polished selenite is approximately 1” long. It comes with a stainless steel crystal cage pendant. 

The cages have been enchanted to boost the metaphysical properties of any stone or crystal you put inside it! It’s a very simple but super helpful piece to have and it allows you to wear crystals you otherwise wouldn’t be able to wear. These fit small orbs very well and can be stretched to fit tall skinny crystals or stockier crystals as well. They’re very durable and will not tarnish. 

Each stainless steel cage pendant measures approximately 34mm long and 21mm wide WHEN EMPTY. When they are stretched out to hold crystals, their length will vary. Please see photos for examples. 

Moroccan Selenite ~ Powerful Crystal