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Whimsical Wonders Monthly Service Healing Subscriptions:

This is a list for our brand new monthly healing services option! Please refer to this list when signing up using the link below! 

Pick any 2 services each month for just $50 a month!

Pick any 4 services for just $100 a month!


These plans require a 3 month plan! At the end of the 3 months you can choose to extend your plan or change to another one! 


30-45 Minute Healing Sessions:
* Kundalini Seichim Session 
* Isis Seichim Session 
* Usui Reiki Session 
* Violet Flame Reiki Session 

30 Minute Healing Sessions:
* Healing with Quan Yin 
* Healing with Goddess Isis 
* Healing with Kali Ma
* Healing with Morgan Le Fay 
* Healing with the Sun Goddess 
* Healing with Mermaids 
* Healing with Fae 
* Healing with Archangels 
* Healing with Dragons
* Healing with Unicorns 

Crystal Healing Sessions:
* Amber Essence Healing 
* Amethyst Essence Healing 
* Angelite Essence Healing 
* Aqua Aura Essence Healing 
* Emerald Essence Healing 
* Labradorite Essence Healing 
* Rainbow Aura Essence Healing 
* Rose Quartz Essence Healing 
* Ruby Essence Healing 
* Selenite Essence Healing 

Other Services & Healing:
* Chakra Flush
* Aura Flush  
* Etheric Cord Flush
* Third Eye Flush & Restoration
* Blockage Removal  
* Negativity Clearing 
* Psychic Contamination Clearing
* Energy Field Clearing
* Old/Stuck Energy Release 
* Karma Cleanse 
* Past Life Healing

Whimsical Services ~ Recurring Monthly Healing Services!