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Mini Orgonite Black Tourmaline Pyramid ~ Enchanted For Protection 

These are lovely little orgone pyramids enchanted for protection against negativity and provides a small sheild to keep out bad vibes. Think of this piece as a little sheild against negativity for a small space or area. You can keep it on your nightstand, desk, altar, or side table. It’s not meant to be your only method of protection, but it certainly offers a wonderful layer in any protection arsenal! This pyramid measures approximately 1.3 x 1.3” (30-33mm). 

This pyramid has already been cleansed, charged, and programmed, however it will work much better if you add your own intentions to it so that it can work for you specifically. When you receive your pyramid, you’ll want to hold it in your hands for a few minutes and visualize your intent, which in this case will be keeping negativity of all kinds out of your space. Feel it’s energy for a bit and allow your energy to mesh with it. 

This piece will not harm anyone, whether they are human, spirit, or entity. It only keeps them out of your space. Please be mindful of this when programming it with your intent. The key is to program it to repel in a positive manner, where no harm comes to anyone. 

Care & Cleansing:

In my opinion, orgonite is self-cleansing and should not need regular cleaning like other crystals, however you are free to use selenite, kyanite, or smudge (smoke) cleansing on your orgone pyramid.

Mini Protection Pyramids