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Mermaid Magick Jar Spell ~

This beautiful jar has been enchanted to aid you in cleansing, healing, renewal, and removing blockages. I have combined various ingredients associated with the water element, all of which were approved by my lovely mermaids. 

When you are cleansed and free of blockages, you will notice that divination, spirit & entity communication, energy work, and spell work comes much easier and is more fluid. 

This handmade spell jar was created using the cleansing and refreshing powers of water magick & lunar energies, infused with Reiki healing energy & powerful blockage removal vibrations, and topped off with potent mermaid magick. 

The ingredients of this jar were hand selected for their affinity with the element of water and mermaids. Inside are various sizes of ethically obtained sea shells, white sand from the Gulf Coast, pure Cocoa Beach sand, course sea salt, organic hibiscus, organic jasmine, organic rosemary, white sage, sea glass, aqua aura quartz, aquamarine, and titanium coated quartz. After the various castings were complete, the bottle was sealed with adhesive and wrapped in twine. I added a silver tone starfish charm and a wire wrapped blue titanium aura quartz to the outside of the bottle. 

A little bit about mermaid magick:

Mermaids are fantastic at healing and cleansing magick. They are known for their healing abilities and can help us release and move on. They bring happiness and positivity into our lives and help us open up a great deal. 

When you receive your spell jar, simply hold it in your hands for a few minutes, allowing your energy to merge with it. Focus on your intent, and visualize yourself being cleansed and healed. Visualize all of your blockages being removed and your abilities opening up. Feel the tranquility and happiness flowing through you. This will help you see results much faster. Please try to handle the jar regularly and keep it close by whenever possible. Feel free to hold it during meditation or sleep with it on your nightstand. 

Cleanse the jar regularly with smoke (smudging), selenite, or moonlight. Please do not use water. The jar has been sealed to contain the Magick inside. Please do not open the jar. 

This square glass bottle measures 2 x 1.5 x 1.5” and has a 1.7 ounce capacity. 

Mermaid Magick Jar Spell