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Manifestation Boxes ~ Enchanted 

Handmade wood manifestation boxes. They are painted and carved. These measure approximately 4x2x2”. 

These manifestation boxes radiate love and light. They are literally overflowing with positive vibrations and they repel any negative energies that try to get in the way of your desires. I am a huge believer in these tools. I say this because I’ve used one I made for myself over the past year and it has brought me everything I’ve asked for and then some. It’s amazing actually. All have been enchanted to attract positive vibrations and block out negative vibrations. 

These are a wonderful tool to help you remember to put your desires into the universe. I actually have a variety of options for these in various styles. They are all enchanted to block out negative vibrations and radiate light and love at all times.

How does it work?

Take a piece of paper and using positive statements, write out a letter of intent to the universe expressing your desires. Your letter should be written using positive statements only and when you are in a great mood. Write it out as if your desires have already happened. Examples: “I love my job” or “I feel so fulfilled in life” or “I have a partner that is accepting, understanding, kind, and loving”. When you’re finished writing it out, fold it up and place it in the box. Put your box in a sacred space surrounded by crystals or candles (or both!) so that the energy can grow and get stronger. 

You can also place items in the box that symbolize your desires and clip out photos of things from magazine and place them in the box! You’ll want to check your letter of intent every month or two and make changes accordingly as well. 

This is NOT a wishing box. Wishes are often lacking the intent that is needed to manifest your desires. When you make a wish, it’s usually out of desperation. These are all about intent. You need clear intent to manifest your desires. 

These manifestation boxes are great for a set it up and forget it for awhile type of method. They are great if you get too overwhelmed or stressed when thinking about the HOWS and WHYS of this process. If you stress over how it will happen, you’re sending out negative vibrations which will just undo all of your work! Put your intentions into the universe and leave it for awhile. I’m not saying that you should expect it to do EVERYTHING for you. But you can continue working on yourself and your circumstances while this helps you to not overthink things and screw it all up. You wanna have desire, but not obsess or overthink them. This can help you find that balance.

Manifestation Boxes ~ Enchanted