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This spell bottle focuses on drawing in love using the Law Of Attraction. When programmed with your intent, it will act as a magnet, pulling the type of love you desire to you. This can be used for self love, attracting a new love, or enhancing an existing relationship. 

When you receive your spell bottle, hold the bottle in both hands while picturing exactly what you desire. Think about it carefully before programming it. This will not bring you back your ex if you are not meant to be with your ex. This is not dark magick. It will not force someone to be with you. I do not believe in messing with anyone’s free will. This will help you attract what you NEED in your life. If you’d like to be more open to meeting someone who is right for you, try to imagine the things that would make you happy in a partner. Keep an open mind. Do NOT picture a specific person if you are not in a relationship with that person. Set an intention such as “I am open to giving and receiving love from a significant other who is a good match for me” or “My relationship with my current partner is better than ever and grows stronger with each day that passes” or “I love myself. I accept my flaws. I am beautiful and unique. I am worthy of receiving love”.  Once it’s been programmed, simply place it on your altar, nightstand, or wherever you’d like.
I have enchanted these bottles to work with the Law Of Attraction. It’s important to think positive thoughts when programming your bottle. Do your best to BELIEVE in your intent and visualize it coming to fruition in your mind. It WILL work with the right mindset. You have to believe and be positive for the best results. If you’re not sure if you can believe in yourself then I would not recommend programming it until you can! 

This love spell bottle is in a 5” tall vintage glass bottle filled with rose quartz, garnet, organic herbs & botanicals, and my Amore enchanted oil blend. It’s been sealed shut with adhesive and red candle wax and features a silver tone heart charm. 

Please do not open your spell bottle! If you do the spell becomes void and you will be left with a decorative piece without any magick. You can cleanse your bottle with smoke (smudge) or by leaving it on the windowsill to bathe in the moonlight. 

I do recommend holding your spell bottle occasionally and you can give it a “boost” by focusing on your original intent. I also recommend shaking it from time to time. This helps to refresh the magick.

Love Spell Jar ~ Heart’s Desire