This option can get you any species on the Encyclopedia and also species not listed on the Encyclopedia. It is also a total surprise! 


This is a Reverse Adoption. 

Although your keywords are taken into consideration and used to narrow down which entity I write up for you, these entities are ultimately choosing you based on your energy. 

They may have some qualities you do not like, or that you find to be unattractive. 

While I will do everything in my power to get you an entity that is a good match for you, by opting for this listing you also must acknowledge that you might not get 100% what you want. If you have specific requirements as far as the species, looks, etc, you should get a Custom Conjure of your desired species. 


Choose THREE key words and choose White Arts, Gray Arts, or Dark Arts, and I will find you an entity matching your keywords and arts selection. This is a good listing to get if you know what goal you want to accomplish, but not what entity you want to accomplish it. 


You can supply a few sentences of extra information and specifications if required. For example, if you want the entity to be sexual, you could use the keyword "sexual" or simply tell me in the email. 

Lately this has been abused by people who proceed to give me pages of specifications. That is not what this listing is meant for. This is meant to be a surprise, an entity that chooses you based on their attraction to your energy. Please keep your extra information reasonable in length. Please note any extreme turn offs or dealbreakers so that I can avoid traits that would be undesirable to you. 


Here are some examples of the species that have come through as a Keyword RA:

Lower Realm Demon and Fallen Angel Hybrid

Greyborn Soul Weaver

Alabaster Angel - Highborn - Grey Arts

Ahl-Alv-Deros, translated "Illumination Elf Demon"


Any species listed on the shop can be obtained through this listing, as well as many more!


Keyword Reverse Adoption

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