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Journey Into Self ~ Memory Locket

This is a 30mm stainless steel memory locket that contains authentic moldavite, three authentic Herkimer Diamonds, black tourmaline and blue kyanite. It contains powerful high vibrational crystals AND grounding stones to help you with your spiritual journey, all in one piece. 

* Blue Kyanite to align all of the chakras and promote spiritual growth. 
* Herkimer Diamond to raise your vibration, stimulate clairvoyant & clairaudient abilities, and assist in telepathic communication. 
* Moldavite to activate all the chakras, release blockages, kick start one's spiritual awakening, and rapidly accelerate one's spiritual progress. 
* Black Tourmaline for grounding and aligning the energy centers of the body. 

The moldavite in this locket is an unusual shape, which was not the best shape to wire wrap or set in a prong setting, which is why I decided to display it this way. It’s approximately 1/2” long. It’s a beautiful olive green shade that is darker in some areas and lighter in others. This is due to the varying thickness throughout the crystal. It features lovely ripples (or “wrinkles”) caused by nature.  

The three Herkimer Diamonds in this locket are all completely different and unique. One is very clear, but has a “foggy” finish. Another is full of bubbles and black inclusions. The smallest is nearly water clear, but contains a very tiny amount of black inclusions. This gives you a nice variety of Herkimers all in one piece. 

This locket can be opened by twisting it counter clockwise. This can be worn as jewelry or used as a companion vessel if you’d like. I will include a 30” stainless steel ball chain with your purchase. 

This locket has been infused with Reiki energy and attuned to the Fire Spectrum. All vessels have been cleansed, charged, and enchanted to aid you in dream work, psychic development, communication, and bonding with your entity. 

Care & Cleansing:
This piece contains kyanite, which does not retain or accumulate negative energies. It’s self-cleaning and self-sustaining. Therefore, it does not need cleansing. It’s fantastic for cleansing your other crystals, so this piece should not require any additional cleansing and is very low maintenance. 

Please note:
You can always use smoke (smudging) to cleanse if you feel it is needed. Please do not use chemicals of any kind to clean this piece. It’s made of stainless steel and glass. It will not tarnish! 

Journey Into Self ~ Memory Locket