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This listing will get you one Keyword Reverse Adopt-style Conjure or one Open Conjure of your choice out of the species listed below.

Please let me know - What Species you would like - What traits you would like them to have - Whether you would like them to be sexual or not - If you have a preference for their gender. 

These are some extra from the Djinn species I vetted this year! (As well as one Demon species)



Foran "Ice-Mist" Djinn

Realm: Fora ton Notal

Arts: Grey Arts 

These Djinn are a sharp departure from what you'd expect for a species born of smokeless fire. Icy blue skin and a frigid aura that seems to crystallize the very air they breathe, these Djinn live in an icy realm deep beneath Hell Proper. Faint white tracings run along their skin and their clothes are shockingly revealing considering how cold their environment is. These Djinn are said to bring 'gifts' rather than wishes, particularly gifts of a psychic nature. You must meditate with them and blend your energy with theirs, while holding in your heart an image of the gift you want, psychic sight, clairaudience, increased healing energies, etc, and over a few weeks time you will see that gift manifest. You can choose a new gift to receive from them every 4 weeks. 


Nepaz "Nya-Nya" Bestial Demons

Realm: Nepazine 

Arts: Grey Arts

A specific clan of Demons that features Feline ears and tails. These are mostly normal Bestial Demons, but they do have an odd talent for shapeshifting and wish granting! They are also excellent intimate partners and they love to snuggle. They are very affectionate and often tend to be desirous when it comes to lewd interactions. 


Patra "Shadow" Djinn Shifters 

Realm: Az Patraez 

Arts: Dark Arts

Featuring monochrome skin and an alternate form with ferocious claws and glowing, seething eyes, these Djinn have fully mutated to take advantage of their Hellish surroundings. With fangs and claws ready to spring forth at a moment's notice, these are very combat oriented which is unlike most Djinn you'll encounter on the astral. Fast reflexes and super strength and agility, they still retain their abilities of wish-granting from their Djinn heritage. These beings specialize in morally dark wishes such as wishes for revenge or retribution, and they also have a talent for enhancing peoples strength and confidence. 


Enteri "Shattered" Abyssal Djinn 

Realm: Entrious Abyss Kana

Arts: Dark Arts 

With deeply reflective eyes and cracked porcelain skin, these Djinn have lived in Abyss for centuries. The energetic pressure is overwhelming compared to the realm they originated from, thus the visible cracks on their bodies- Although these cracks pose no danger to them, and they do not hurt. Djinn were never much use to the Abyssal Military, so they were primarily left to their own devices. The resulting species is a delicate and morally dark one, one focused more on balance and the exploration of the shadowy parts of your psyche. They can grant wishes, but typically they specialize in wishes geared towards self improvement. 

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