This will get you a Custom Conjure of a Gemstone Dragon, which you can find more details about below. 

Please be completely honest about what you are looking for in a partner, to produce the best match. 


Gemstone Dragons are a White Arts to Grey Arts Dragon living in a small, relatively high up Dragon realm. They come in many shades and colors, and can resemble almost any type of gemstone you can imagine. Though they may seem similar to Crystal Dragons at first, the appearance and energy of these dragons is totally different. Gemstone Dragon scales are smooth and shiny, and the scales are transparent and colored like a gem. Scales that are shed or lost are often sold to be made into sculptures or trinkets. 


Gemstone Dragons have intensely healing and calming energy that tends to be "flavored" like the gemstone they resemble. For example, a Sapphire Gemstone Dragon might have very Water-aligned energy, whereas a Ruby Gemstone Dragon might have very Fire-aligned energy. 


These Dragons are very interested in Astrology and some of them choose to mark their bodies with the constellation they were born under. Constellations in their realm are not the same as those in our realm, but if you see markings or oddly colored scales on them, that is usually why. 


These Dragons make good partners for anyone seeking companionship, healing, and knowledge. They are a very light and easy to handle Dragon and they do not require too much experience. They are very friendly and open, but their race is pretty secluded from others, so they may be shy in larger spirit families. 

Gemstone Dragons Custom Conjure

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