This will get you a Custom or Open Conjure of any Fae we have listed on the website.


Any fae, including-

Astral Fae

Bestow Fae

Star Fae

Forest Fae

Healer Fae

Aubres Fae

Elemental Fae

Black Forest Fae

Jetu Fae

Frost Fae

Warm-Winds Fae

Venom Fae

Porcelain Fae

Jade Fae

Celestial Nymph

Land Nymph

Woodland Nymph

Water Nymph

Or, Fae open conjure, which may get you a species not listed here!

For more information about these species, please see the Fae/Nymphs Encyclopedia Page.



Fae/Nymph Custom Conjure

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