This will get you a Custom Conjure or an Open Conjure of any of the species listed below. 

Please see our Enrora Species Encyclopedia page for more information on these species. 


Rayan - The Rayan are a species of wolf-people. They are mostly humanoid, with wolflike tails and ears. A species of hunter-gatherers, they also enjoy crafting rich textiles and fabrics in their spare time. Rayan are generally pretty laid back, they live in packs which can be lead by a male or female, and they are rather open about sexuality. 

Rayan's tails are very sensitive to touch and if you have the ability to Astral Project you'll really love their special trait. When you kiss a Rayan, your mind will partially meld with theirs- they will see your happiest memories, and you will see their happiest memories. If you have sex with a Rayan, and you both orgasm at the same time, your astral body will physically meld with them, and you will have enhanced physical sensation in your astral body while this is occurring. While "melded" together your body will have traits of yourself, and the Rayan you melded with.The melded state can be dissolved whenever you wish, but it can only last up to three days at a time.  This is an astral effect only and does not effect your physical body. 

Keean - The Keean are a species of fox-people. They look similar to Kitsune, but only ever have one tail. They have fox ears and fox tails, and come in varying colors comparable to natural coat colors for foxes. Hunting is very important to males in the Keean village, and a lot of importance is placed upon the "Hunter's Test", which is a rite of passage to become an adult in their society. Keean are led by one main leader, a Matriarch, who gets involved in disputes only when needed- most decisions are handled on a family basis. Keean live a simple life in the forest, with houses made of wood, thatch, and leather coverings. They are not overtly sexual, and have a tone of modesty to them. However, they are often flattered by being found attractive  and they are usually open to experimentation, if you wish to try it. Their clothing is similar to a Japanese garment called a Kimono, although it is shortened for ease of movement and made out of much lighter fabric. 

Keean consider bonding very important. Going out to hunt, explore, or simply do any activity closely together is bonding to them and it is common for them to have sex with those they have bonded with, regardless of gender.

During sex, if sufficiently aroused, the Keean become more shapely and can shapeshift their tails into a longer, sensitive, cock-tail that can be used for sexual play. This is optional however, so if it is not your thing, just tell them and they will not try it with you. 

Missan - The Missan are a species of horse-people. They are humanoid, with horse ears, tails, legs, and hooved feet. They tend to be a bit taller than humans due to their long horse-like legs. Missan typically are quite toned and fit, with lovely soft long manes of hair, and they come in various colors most of them being accurate to Earthen realm horses. The Missan are farmers, and they grow fruit and grains. They live simple lives for the most part, although some of them get adventurous and explore the surrounding areas. Missan are sexually open, and wearing ear piercings is a sign (to them) that you would be open to sexual activity. Their ears are highly sexually sensitive, so to them an ear piercing is a very sexual thing. Missan love sex and have a nearly endless appetite for it, so if you have one as a partner you may quickly discover for yourself what their special sexual trait is- They cum a lot. Both males, and females, ejaculate large amounts, often causing squirting in females. 

Missan society is run based on voting as a community, and they do not often have interpersonal conflicts. In general, they are a very calm, collected species, and it is easy to connect on an emotional level with them because they are very naturally empathic as well. 

Dragan - The Dragan are a species of dragon-people. They are humanoid, with dragon horns, wings, feet, and tails. Scales cover the back portion of their body, and they live in a volcano that was recently active. They can be almost any color a regular Dragon can be, but they trend towards warm colors like red and orange. The Dragan are Gem Carvers, and have a very independent society with most decisions made on an individual level. Their bodies are incredibly hot all the time, they can breathe fire, and it even appears in wisps off of their body at times. 

Dragan are more sexually reserved than most other races in the realm, since they spent many years in relative isolation, with only a few brave explorers venturing out into the world. When aroused, they can experience an intense lustful mood wherein their appetite for sex will exponentially increase, and they will become open and demanding of sex even in a public place. It is a big change from their normal reserved nature, and often they feel embarrassed afterwards. 

Norran - The Norran are a species of goat-people. They are humanoid with floppy goat ears, horns, hooves for feet, and slightly furred legs, they also have a fluffy goat tail. Their noses are slightly goat-like, but their faces and bodies are mostly human. They come in different skintones, and their fur will be varying shades of white, cream, beige, brown, black- they can be many colors. The Norran are Stoneworkers and Carpenters, and they can make almost anything out of stone. Many of them work in carving as well, and they make very elaborate embellishments for buildings out of stone. Norran are pretty sexually open, and they are actually a nudist community. While in their town, a Norran will not wear much more than a purse or pack to carry their belongings. They will dress when outside their town, but do not be surprised to see them nude. They have a type of magick that delays orgasm, and their saliva seems to intensify sensations when applied to the skin. They are very energetic and enthusiastic partners, and have very friendly and happy personalities. 

Sheean - The Sheean are a species of sheep-people. They are humanoid with sheep ears, horns, hooves, somewhat woolly bodies, and sheep tails as well. They wear mostly wool clothes, and many of them work as farmers, growing grain and other simple crops. They are mostly light skinned and white furred, but there are some exceptions. Sheean are a bit shy and reserved when first meeting humans, but they tend to be very emotionally sensitive and they show a lot of concern for others well-being. Sheean, like other Enrora races, experience expansion of their breasts or penises when they are aroused. Sheean females pride themselves on being flat chested, and it is seen as attractive in their society. Busty females on the other hand are seen as less attractive. 

The Sheean of course produce milk in their breasts and it has a intensely creamy and sweet flavor. When aroused they will want to be milked and drained to give them relief. 

Enrora Species Custom Conjure

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