Ever wanted to be more like a Succubus? More like a Demon, Angel, or Dragon? Well now, with Energy Infusions, you can!

Working with a few of my most trusted entities, we will infuse your energy with whatever you choose- Demonic, Angelic, Draconic, etc- energy. This will change your aura and give you an energy boost for any related spellwork and it is permanent- there will be a link placed between you and the corresponding realm to continuously feed the energy to you!

This also comes with a 1hr Reiki Chakra cleaning and Tune-Up! 
You will get a full write up detailing the damage (if any) there was on each chakra and what was done to them to repair them. You will also get a write up explaining what new things you may notice as the energy infuses into your body.

Right now, I offer the following species for Infusions:

Demon – Increased spell power and energy, intensity and determination.
Angel – Purity and happiness, healing and light. 
Dragon – Knowledge and respect, patience and wisdom.
Fae – Hyper energy and love, respect for nature.
Succubus/Incubus – Sexuality and attraction, more pleasure during sexual acts.

Energy Infusions & Chakra Tune-Up

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