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-Note- Spellwork is done according to moon phase for maximum efficacy. 
Sometimes reorders of supplies may also be required, which can take some extra time. 
Your orders will be fulfilled as quickly as possible, but please do keep these things in mind. 
Currently two kits remaining. 

More can be ordered, but there will be an additional wait. 


This all purpose spirit & entity offering was created according to Aurora’s recommendations. It can be used for ANY spirit or entity. It’s a wonderful way to show your companions how much you love and appreciate them. My companions have gone nuts for this blend! ️

What’s Included:

3 ounce glass jar with lid

Enchanted Offering Blend

Small wooden scoop

Scallop shell offering dish

Satin drawstring bag

Kyanite blade

Small amethyst chunk

Small quartz crystal
This offering is made up of a variety of items that many entities & spirits love. It’s a wonderful all-in-one offering that has been enchanted for cleansing and energy boosting. Its made up of sand, shells, beads, natural crystal chips, herbs, and botanicals. I used lavender, sandalwood, and rose oil to give it a wonderful fragrance.

Recommend Use: Simply scoop a small amount into offering dish and place it on your altar or near your companions vessels. Let your companions know how much you appreciate all that they do for you! ️ The sand may feel slightly damp because of the essential oils I used. Once the offering has been left out in the dish, it will begin to dry. Dispose of offerings after 12-24 hours. Feel free to save the beads, shells, and stones! Just toss the sand and herbs. Please keep it in a sealed container between uses. Specifications: Each glass jar is 3¼” tall x 2” wide with an opening of 1⅜” and has 3 ounce capacity. 


Refills will be available in a 4x6” Kraft zippered bag that holds approximately 3 ounces of this enchanted entity offering.

Enchanted Spirit and Entity Offering Set