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Enchanted Coffin Boxes ~ 

These wooden coffin boxes were custom made for Whimsical Wonders!!

Coffin boxes are hand painted and lined with velvet or fabric. See photos for additional details. Each box measures appropriately 5" x 2.5-2.75" x 1.5". 

Available Coffin Boxes:

Hecate - Black & Silver 
Lucifer - Black & White 
Lilith - Red & Black 
Leviathan- Black & White 
Leviathan- Gold & Black 
Osiris - Black & Red 
Anubis - Black & Red 
Inverted Pentagram - Purple & Black 
Orange & Black With Crystals

Each coffin box has been enchanted to boost the Magick and potency of any items that you place inside! Each one has been infused with Samhain and full moon energy, however they are perfect to use year round and are amazing multipurpose tools! 


Place objects inside the box for at least an hour to infuse items with Samhain energies, boost magickal & metaphysical properties, cleanse, and charge. 

You can use this before casting spells, performing ritual work, giving offerings, prior to meditating/dream work/astral. 

You can use them for cleansing & charging vessels, infusing vessels with Samhain energies, and giving your companions an amazing offering of energy! 

You can use:

• Candles
• Incense 
• Oils 
• Herbs
• Crystals
• Altar Items 
• Pendulums & Runes
• Jewelry 
• Enchanted Vessels 
• Companion Vessels 

Place herbs and oils inside to boost their potency before using them for an offering. Place crystals inside to boost their Metaphysical properties. Place chime or tea light candles inside before performing spell work. You can also use these as charging boxes for your companion’s vessels while giving them a lovely surge of Samhain energies! 

Any additional enchantments you’d like to add can be added using the Enchantment Add On Listing!!

Enchanted Coffin Boxes!

Coffin Box