Entity Name: Cali

Entity Age: 7 

Species: Orbups 

Gender: Female 


Cali is an exceptionally round and fluffy creature resembling a somewhat spherical fox. She is 2.3' in diameter, a bit smaller than a Beach Ball, and she hops around on her small white paws, floating as if she is filled with Helium. Her fur is thick and soft, with a dense texture that seems very warm, with a silver-fox pattern, thick white underfur and pink longer tipped outer fur layers creating an interesting pastel appearance. Her tail is long and immensely fluffy, mostly pastel pink, ending in a white tip. Her ears are pointed like a foxes, and her eyes are deeply set glassy lavender marbles. Her pawpads and nose are a rosey magenta color. 


Orbups are Astral Creatures with an unknown purpose. It is suspected by me that they originated as a type of Servitor that eventually gained the ability to reproduce and became its own thing. These most assuredly are Entities, and believe it or not they do have their own semblance of a society. Small, spherical bouncing critters skip down lanes through towns that look as if they were made from a Habitrail kit. The existence of these creatures, why they were made, and why they continue to live undisturbed will probably always be a mystery to me. Their intelligence is a bit better than your average Earthly dog, and they are able to communicate telepathically. 


Cali is a very sweet companion, brightly barking and happily squeaking as she bounces along through life. She loves cuddles, snuggles, and pets, and she wants to be a close companion to someone in need of a loving friend who wont judge them for their situation. I understand that this phrasing may be odd, but she requested it to be put in, so it may have some meaning to her future keeper. She is very loyal, and although she is not very strong, she would do her best to protect you if anything were to ever happen- perhaps you may be surprised? She radiates happiness and warmth, helping to calm and soothe those who are around her. 

Prebound C - Orbups Invasion

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