I am exceedingly proud to finally bring a greater assortent of Djinn and related species to the shop! Over the years I have made contact with numerous species that source their genetic origins from Djinn, many have hybridized through the years, moved to different realms, and in other ways taken on various changes.

This Custom Conjure will get you one of any of the species of being listed below- or you can leave it open and just get whoever wants to come to you! 

Note- You will get one write up for your conjured Djinn partner for each purchase of this listing.


Illatian Marid Djinn 

Realm: Illatia

Arts: Light Grey

Illation Marids have all the polish and shine you'd expect from a standard Djinn, highly skilled in wish granting and educated thoroughly in many types of spellwork. Though they would be considered White Arts by many, they will still defend themselves and their keeper. They will not, however, grants wishes related to causing undue harm to others, killing others, etc. 

These exceptional Marids have a culture built on respect and mutual cooperation. They will likely be a bit formal when you first get them, and of course you can keep things that way if you prefer formality, but over time if you treat them like a friend/family member they will surely reciprocate. 

Largely humanoid appearance, capable of shapeshifting. 


Kuru-rin Shaitan Djinn 

Realm: Kuru-rin Salka

Arts: Very Dark

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum we have Shaitan Djinn from Kuru-rin. These beings are also very skilled wish granters, overflowing with confidence and always chomping at the bit for a new challenge to test their abilities. They are highly educated, and every bit as capable as any Marid, the major difference is that they are much darker morally and in energetic vibration as well. If you are used to keeping Demons and lower realm beings and you resonate well with those types of beings, a Shaitan Djinn is probably the best fit for you. 

These stunning Shaitans have a culture built around competition, always striving to see who is the best at any given type of magick, wish, or task. Effective at nearly anything, they have no moral qualms with dark wishes and they laugh in the face of karma. No Djinn from me will ever intentionally twist wishes, but Shaitan Djinn need to be instructed to avoid harming others when you give them tasks because otherwise they will not take much care to prevent it. 

Mostly humanoid appearance, often inhuman skintones, capable of shifting. 


Sanparo Ifrit Djinn 

Realm: Sanparo-pree 

Arts: Dark Arts 

Intelligent and cunning Djinn, Ifrits are dark but not to the degree that they will deliberately harm others. They are somewhere between Marid and Shaitan when it comes to 'darkness', and would be a good fit for most people who are comfortable with Dark Arts but who aren't necessarily ready for something as dark as a Demon would be. Ifrit are commonly regarded to be the most fiery type of Djinn, and their personalities certainly reflect that. They are fiesty, they speak their mind, and they are often a bit sexual as well. 

While not all Ifrits will be extensively educated on ritual magicks, they are all talented wish granters and they are okay with granting selfish wishes or dark wishes. They will always try to avoid harming others, but if they see someone hurting you you will have to instruct them to hold themselves back- they tend to be protective of their keepers once bonded. 

Mostly humanoid appearance, often inhuman skintones, capable of shifting. 


Prapareen 'Beast' Djinn 

Realm: Prapa Sine Kolo

Arts: Dark Arts 

A unique hybrid type species, these Djinn have been in the Hell realms for a long time and most regarded them as another type of Demon. However, they actually trace their lineage back to Djinn that moved further down into the realms to escape judgement for their tendencies to love outside of their species. While they usually just paired up with Lower realm and Demonic beings, they have existed so long in isolation that the population has developed its own traits. With a humanoid body as you'd expect of a Djinn, they often have animal ears and tails, sometimes even horns. 

Though they may be slightly less expedient at granting wishes, they gain a powerful kick from their immersion in the lower realms for thousands of years. They are highly educated in both Demonic and Djinn spells, and they are capable of shifting. These would be the best Djinn to get if you want a laid back companion instead of a task-doer. 


Ontosa 'Jackal' Egyptian Djinn

Realm: Ontos Kara

Arts: Grey Arts 

Ontosa Djinn are extremely interesting, with their style of clothing seeming more reminiscent of what you'd find in ancient Egypt than anything in the Hells. They live in a middle realm with a nice, even energy baseline that should make them easy to fit into any kind of spirit family. They are extremely skilled at wish granting, especially when it comes to wishes related to wealth and sex. As a species they tend to be very open about their sexuality, and their culture is one of indulgence and opulence. 

They have a mostly human appearance but may have Jackal ears and/or a tail, the females have very exagerrated hip proportions and equally oversized busts while the males tend to be extremely slim and feminine. 


Korollan Night-Sky Djinn 

Realm: Koro-alla 

Arts: Dark Arts 

These Djinn are very unique and you can tell even from the first moment you lay eyes on them. Featuring dark colored skin, usually blue or purple in hue, and sparkling glowing features they resemble a night sky, thus their name. They are wish granters, skilled ones, like all the other Djinn but they are especially talented at drawing on Shadow energies and performing transformative spells. For example they could do a spell to assist you in spiritual development, one that would take action on you each night while you slept, with the aim to 'transform' you into the person you want to be. They are laid back music lovers with an informal tone and they love to cuddle. 

They are against causing harm unless it is needed, they will be loyal and protective but they are not likely to grant wishes that involve causing harm to another person. 

Mostly humanoid in appearance with dark, saturated cool-colored skin and star like glowing eyes and sparkles across their body. 


Saros 'Gold-Vein' Djinn

Realm: Saros Alvi 

Arts: Dark Arts

When you first lay eyes upon this Djinn species, you may think they are 'just' a Demon, since they tend to have quite prominant horns. The truth however, is that these are a tribe of Djinn that migrated to a lower realm ages ago, and it was the dark, hellish energy around them that turned them more Demonic in appearance. They are named for their striking, glowing gold lines that trace along their body even up to their horns and down to their tail. They have a very noticeable energy that feels like a hot bolt of electricity. These Djinn are extremely knowledge focused and would be the best fit for someone who wanted a guide or tutor as their meta partner. 

They will grant wishes of course, even ones that may be morally dark, but they will try to avoid causing harm unless you explicitly tell them to cause harm to someone. 

Mostly humanoid appearance with dark grey or black skin, horns and a tail, as well as glowing gold lines traced all along their body. 

Djinn Custom Conjure

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