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Daydreamer’s Stone ~ New Moon In Gemini Spell ~

“There are certain half-dreaming moods of mind in which we naturally steal away from noise and glare, and seek some quiet haunt where we may indulge our reveries and build our air castles undisturbed.”

Washington Irving, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories

Photos show front and back of stones. If you prefer a particular stone, you can message me to see if it’s still in shock. You can DM me on our discord server if you’d like. Otherwise I will choose one for you intuitively. 

This spell has been cast on several stunning Labradorite palm stones. These palm stones range in size from 1.5” to 2” (approximately 38-50 mm). Please see photos for additional details. Please note that each stone is natural and unique and no two are the exact same size or thickness. The blue to green flash on the stones is also different for each one! Some have more blue on one side than others. They each have a beautiful flash that is unique to the stone. 

This month’s New Moon in Gemini is a very mellow moon. It’s full of playful, curious, and expansive energies. It’s the perfect time to allow yourself to dream! To think about who or what you would like to become, let go of conceptions of self, be inventive, and explore without fear of judgment. It’s also a perfect time to make your dreams a reality. So this is what I decided to go with when planning out my spell work for this month’s dark moon! 

I created this spell to serve two purposes in honor of Gemini! One is more lighthearted and fun and the other a bit more serious to help you in your day to day life. This spell will help you leave your rational mind behind and dive into a world where your imagination and heart guide you. Our minds tend to only allow us to see the logical side of things, where our hearts see the things that we truly desire. This spell will encourage you to open yourself up to other possibilities and explore opportunities that you might normally miss because of overthinking. It encourages you to turn off your brain for a bit and explore your true desires in life. You can then apply these newfound desires to your “real life”. 

We cannot truly experience growth and transformation if we are clinging on to the things that hold us back. Things that keep us from reaching spiritual enlightenment, advancing in our journeys, or fully embracing our gifts. This spell was designed to help you discover what your heart and soul yearn for and helps you see the options available to you. 

This spell encourages you to use your own intuition to sort through the changes you need to make in your life. While this may seem uncomfortable at first, it gently nudges you to let go and not hold back. Think through the options that are brought to light and formulate a plan. Life is too short to hold on to patterns or people that do not serve our highest good. Take back your power and release all that holds you back. 

Of course it’s much easier to ignore your heart and avoid letting go of people or situations that you know you are not truly happy with. It’s easier to rationalize your reasons for enduring things even when you know you want to be set free! Many of us put these things off, not wanting to deal with the stress that comes with it, myself included! However, these things do have to be dealt with eventually. You ARE worthy of true happiness. Every single one of us is! You should not settle for anything less! Separate yourself from those who tear you down or make you feel less than and focus on those who lift you up and support you emotionally and spiritually! The longer we stay in these situations the worse it gets. 

This spell will help to get the process started by opening your eyes to what you truly want. It will help you see your options clearly and you can then formulate a plan to make the changes necessary to make your dreams a reality. A lot of people have trouble turning off that logical thinking switch so this will help with that. Allow yourself to daydream and dive into the depths of your true desires! 

There is a second side to this spell which is far more lighthearted! It’s geared towards getting more in touch with your imagination and having more fun during meditations and/or astral endeavors. If you have issues during meditation and need a push to help you free your mind, this can help you. 

You can flip back and forth between these two “sides” by stating your intent before working with this piece. It’s very easy to use and lots of fun! 

*Properties of Labradorite:*

Labradorite is considered to be a power stone, allowing you to see through illusions and determine your dreams and goals. It strengthens intuition, stimulates imagination, and helps us to see more clearly during meditation. Labradorite is a protector of the Aura, keeping it balanced, protected, and free from energy leaks. Labradorite has been said to reduce anxiety, stress, and fear related to bad dreams or nightmares. Labradorite helps during periods of change by instilling strength and perseverance. Labradorite can help you determine your destiny and achieve it. It promotes a better understanding of intuition, mysticism and psychic wisdom. 


When you receive your palm stone, hold it in both hands. Focus on the intention of opening yourself up to your deepest desires, letting your imagination run wild, and seeing things clearly. Allow your energy to merge with the vessel. Envision this process if you’d like! I like to picture my energy as a bright colored light, any color is fine! I see it fill the stone and blend with the stone’s energy. Sit with it for at least a few minutes, or longer if you’d like. Whatever feels right to YOU. After it’s been programmed with your intentions, you can hold it while meditating. You can lay it on your forehead while lying on your back. You can lay it on your chest/heart chakra. Or you can simply hold it in your receiving hand. Focusing on opening your mind and your heart to your true desires and passions. Allowing the daydreams to flow in without any reservations. The more you work with this piece, the more you’ll learn about yourself, what you are capable of, how to let go and enjoy the moment, what you really want, what your passions are, and how to get to that point. It’s a really fun journey of self discovery! 

This spell work is layered and does require meditation and time to work with it. You can use it for lighthearted fun as well as more serious work. You can set your intention to daydream or you can set your intention to apply to your current situation in life and it will assist you well in either case. Just make sure to set your intention before meditating with it and you’re good to go. 

I would recommend cleansing this palm stone with selenite, kyanite, and/or smoke (smudging). You can leave it on a windowsill during the New Moon & Full Moon to empower and recharge it. Keep it near your bedside so your dreams are more imaginative and vivid.

Daydreamer’s Stone ~ New Moon In Gemini Spell ~