Cutie Soul Cleaners are small, super cute, entities from Abyss that clean your soul by devouring all the darkness from within it. Appearance wise, they look like a Fennec fox with big ears and a very large, fluffy tail. They can range in colors, from black, to grey, to white, and all of these colors can have variations like colored ear or tailtips. There are even some that are white and blue, or black and green. Their eyes are glassy, and deeply colored- typical colors are Red, Purple, Green, and occasionally Neon Blue. 


These creatures are very affectionate and very loyal. They love to be petted and rubbed, and love to cuddle and snuggle. They are a small creature, only about the size of a 10lb cat, and they love to ride on your shoulders throughout the day to see what you are doing. 


Of course, the primary skill of these cute critters is their ability to consume the darkness out of people's souls. Beware- this can be uncomfortable for the person who's soul is being cleaned, and will often leave them tired for a few days afterwards. They can do this to their keeper, or anyone their keeper asks them to, as long as they have permission. They can also eat negative energy of any kind- If you have a workplace that seems to be full of toxic people, for example, you could task them to eat the darkness and negative energy around you in your workplace and perhaps lighten up the mood a bit. 


One huge bonus is that they are actually great for protection. They're so cute, but when they or their keeper is threatened, they change completely. Their eyes glow, their fur stands on end, huge fangs show in their mouth and their claws lengthen and sharpen, they can also appear to triple in size. They would make a great companion for astral travelers who didn't want to look like they had bodyguards with them, or really a good companion for anyone needing a little support in devouring negative energy, and defense. 

Cutie Soul Cleaners Custom Conjure

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