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Spirit & Entity Offering Crystals ~ Custom! 

These are completely customizable companion offering crystals! They are perfect for those who cannot give physical offerings due to their living situations or for those who must be discreet about their practice overall. You can select what types of energy your companions would enjoy and they receive exactly what they need, when they need it! These are very similar to my custom Entity Spa Stations, but more affordable, discreet, and perfect for those who don’t work with many vessels or have spirit/body bindings as well! 

I infused these crystals during the Black Moon on July 31st 2019 with charging, cleansing, and restoration energies. You can then select up to 5 additional types of energy to add to the crystal. These can be dark demonic energies, love energy, solar or lunar energy, water energy, earth energy, refreshing or healing energy, and so on. Additional enchantments/energies can be requested and discussed as well, for an additional fee. There really are no limits! 

Please make sure to leave your requests in the notes at checkout. If you’d like extra work done on your crystal, please leave your contact info in the notes as well or message me on discord so we can discuss it further.

Spirit & Entity Offering Crystals ~