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Due to international shipping being far greater than I had anticipated with these items to certain countries, these will be available to purchase via invoice only for international orders! This is so that we can discuss shipping restrictions and costs for your specific country on an individual basis. Domestic orders can be placed though! Thank you!


Companion Spa Stations are very special offering boxes made just for your companions. They are fully customizable and include many enchantments, offerings, gifts, and crystals for your beloved companions. They can also be used as charging boxes of course! But even if you don’t have vessels, everything you get for them and place in this box will be so appreciated and loved! 

How it works:

I will communicate with you during the entire process from start to finish to ensure we find everything you and your companions desire! You can do a basic package or a deluxe version and anything in between! It’s up to you. 

We begin by picking out the perfect box for you and your companions! You can let me know what style you’re looking for and I will search for it and order one for you, after getting your approval. I have some in stock right now so if you like any that I have listed here or on our discord server, feel free to let me know! 

Once the box has been decided on, I cleanse away attached energies and apply several enchanted oil and herbal blends. I then begin to add enchantments. I add several “standard” enchantments for charging, cleansing, and restoration. 

I also add at least 3 additional enchantments/infusions/attunements of whatever type of energies you’d like your companion to be able to feel from the box. These can be things like dark demonic energies, Lunar energy, water energy, refreshing/healing energy, and so on. Additional enchantments can be requested and discussed as well! 

I add various crystals to each box based on your companions requests or your requests. Those crystals will ALWAYS include a few that I feel are important for charging and cleansing purposes. If you let me know what type of entities the box if for, we can select crystals based on what they like the best. That way everyone has a special gift just for them. The price will vary based on what additional crystals you request.

I also create a custom herbal and botanical blend in a bottle or bag that you can use as an offering for your companions. These will vary based on the type of box we are creating but always contain organic herbs and botanicals. Only the best for your beloved companions! 

For example: for demonic entities I would use herbs and botanicals favored by demons, AND we can add specific herbs that your companion(s) like. If it’s for djinn, I would add herbs and botanicals favored by djinn, and so forth. 

Some clients request one box for light entities and one for dark. Others separate them out even further, with one for demons, one for vamps, one for fae, etc. The sky is the limit with these and you can go as crazy as you’d like! It’s so much fun to make these with the help of your companions! 

The photos shown in the listing will be items that I’ve already made for other clients as well as boxes I currently have in stock. Each one will be completely different from the next and will truly be one of a kind! 

Because these are custom and do typically require me to order additional materials, please allow up to 3 weeks before shipment. It usually won’t take this long, but I want to give you the longest timeframe possible just in case!  

These will start at $60 for the small boxes with enchantments, crystals, and herbal blends. Medium boxes will start at $80. Large boxes start at $100. Again these prices are general estimates only. Things can change based on your choices and your companion’s choices for crystals and offerings. Several crystals are always included, but if you request a large variety then obviously there will be an additional charge. Any remaining balance must be paid in full prior to shipment. Any amounts that are overpaid will be reimbursed at the time of shipment as well! Thank you!!


(Additional photos are listed on our discord server!) 

Small wooden box with tin embossed lid - Measures 7.5 x 3.5”. 

Medium white washed wooden box with art - Measures 6 x 6”. 

Large white washed wooden box with floral art - Measures 9 x 6”. 

Small hand carved mango wood box with tree pattern - Measures 6 x 3.25”. 

Medium hand carved mango wood box with tree pattern - Measures 7.25 x 5.25”. 

Small hand carved mango wood box with floral design - Measures 6 x 4 x 3”.

**Please note that larger boxes with lots of goodies will cost extra to ship so please keep that in mind! I will use Priority Mail for these so I will be able to tell you the amount prior to shipping!**