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Custom Bottle Spells Made Just For You! 

Each custom jar spell will include various types of crystals, organic herbs, organic botanicals, unrefined salts/spices/sugars, essential oils and/or resins all associated with the intent you select. 

Each jar with include a petition with your personal information and I will send photos of the spell work being performed once it’s complete. 

Once your spell has been cast, and all photos have been taken, your bottle will be sealed shut with adhesive and/or candle wax. This may vary based on the size of your bottle and your preferences. The color of the candle wax will vary based on intent. I will select a small charm associated with the intent and secure it to your bottle using twine or ribbon. Please let me know if you prefer one over the other in the notes at checkout. 

Please leave me your full name and DOB in the note section at checkout so that I can create your petition and focus on your energy during my casting. 

Please note that there are no refunds for custom work. **No coupon codes apply to custom work.** I do require payment upfront for custom items. I will keep you updated throughout the process but spells will be cast during the moon phase that is best for the type of spell you request. If I run out of certain materials and need to replace any of my inventory I will let you know right away. These take a bit longer to complete as they are custom and each one will be made just for you. Please keep this in mind when ordering. 

You are free to request additional items to go in or on your jar spell, however doing so may incur an additional fee. I can send you an invoice if any additional requests are made and will require payment prior to casting your spell. 

You can choose from several different jar sizes and shapes for your jar spell. I will list them below and you can see photos for examples. 

Please note:
I do not cast any spells that will interfere with a person’s free will. Please do not request spell work for revenge or curses and whatnot. You can choose a spell from the list of options OR ask me about other options prior to making your purchase to confirm that I have the materials on hand. You can also request spell work that I’ve listed previously or is currently sold out. 

Please select your container size and shape and then leave a note about the type of spell you’d like at checkout. Thank you!! 

**Spell Blend Options:**

Psychic Abilities 
House Blessing 
Spirit/Entity Communication 
Remove Blockages
Astral Work
Dream Recall/Dream Work
Mermaid Magick 


Small Cute Charm Bottle:
1.6” Tall x 0.7” Wide - 5ml glass bottle with cork. These are small enough to be made into a little pendant or hang up on a cord. I won’t use candle wax with these. Just seal them closed with adhesive. I will add a bail and charm associated with the intent of your bottle and will include a cord necklace to hang it as well! 

Medium Plain Bottle:
3” tall x 0.8” wide - 25ml glass bottle with cork. See photos for size examples. 

Wide Square Jar:
2” x 1.5” x 1.5” square glass bottle with cork. 1.7 ounce capacity. These are very cute and decorative. They’re one of my favorites. 

Tall Test Tube Bottle:
4.8” tall x 1” wide - 55ml glass (approximately 1.86 ounces) “test tube” style bottles with cork. These are tall and have a flat bottom. I typically use them for bath salts. 

Vintage Bottle:
5” clear glass vintage bottle with cork. Please note that each bottle is different! These are esthetically pleasing and each bottle is completely different. I can send you photos of all my current stock if you’d like to choose the one you like best after checkout! 

Crystal Sphere:
3” x 3.5” crystal glass spherical bottle with cork. These are gorgeous! Thick glass and heavy with a very nice large cork. These are perfect for adding to your decor. They will look good in any area you decide to display them. 

Custom Bottle Spells ~ Created just for you!