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Citrine Generator ~ Blessed By Isis 

These lovely Generator crystals have been enchanted to assist you with a variety of things and they have all been blessed by a deity. 

This generator measures approximately Approximately 2.5” long and 1” wide. Please see photos for additional details. They are in no way perfect so please do not expect perfection. I love their flaws as it gives them more beauty and makes them unique. These were made by hand and no two are alike! 

This lovely generator crystal has been enchanted to assist you with manifestation, abundance, prosperity, happiness, discovery of true self, and dissolving blockages. It’s a wonderful and powerful positivity booster! We all need that help with mindset at times and this does the trick! It has been blessed by Isis and the enchantments have been given a nice boost by her as well. Isis selected this piece to work on with me and she also selected the spells that would go onto the piece. Owning this piece will also help you connect with Isis if you wish to do so. 

When you receive your generator, hold it in both hands and focus on the intent (which in this case is: manifestation, abundance, prosperity, happiness, discovery of true self, and dissolving blockages.). After programming it, please continue to hold it and allow your energy to merge with the crystal. You can picture this in your mind as well. 

Care & Use:
I recommend touching and handling the crystal often and meditating with it and practicing visualization. Visualize manifesting your desires. Visualize attracting abundance in all forms. Visualize discovering more about yourself through meditation and dreams. This piece is pretty amazing and has beautiful energy. You do have to work with this piece for it to provide you the best results. 

You can place this powerful crystal anywhere you’d like to enjoy it’s benefits! Sit it on your altar, next to your bed, or move it from room to room as needed. It is said that citrine does not need to be cleansed, but it won’t hurt if you decide to place it in a box with selenite and quartz to charge and program it from time to time. This is not required of course! I would also recommend letting them soak in the light of the full moon each month. This will help give them a lovely boost. 

Citrine Generator ~ Blessed By Isis