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Chakra Flush & Repair Bundle ~ 

Special Bundle Offer!

This bundle includes the Chakra Flush and the Chakra Balance & Repair for a special discounted rate! 

I will first perform the Chakra Flush and then follow it with the Chakra Balance & Repair Session. 

We can also do these sessions over two consecutive days. Just let me know what you’d prefer! 

This combined chakra flush and balancing/repair session will last approximately 90 minutes. You just need to lie back and relax while I channel the energy and direct it to you. I do need your full name, DOB, and location (city and state is fine) to perform this treatment. 

About Chakra Flush:
The Chakra Flush is a very simple & quick method to clear out stuck energy from the chakras. It is inspired by the Meridian Flushes, which work to flush the meridians.

The Chakra Flush is a cleansing energy. **It does not energize the chakras but gently clears them of old blocks and stuck energies.** By gently releasing the energetic wounds of the past, the Chakra Flush allows new positive energy to enter in.


* 1. Releasing of old burdens and emotional baggage. 
* 2. Freeing up of old stuck energy to energize and enliven. 
* 3. Flushing of energetic toxins and energy contamination. 
* 4. Quick and easy chakra cleansing. 

About Chakra Balance & Repair:

This healing session will balance and heal the chakras. This energy will raise your vibration as well. Once it has succeeded in raising your vibration, this energy then flows through to energize the physical body.

This session helps with:

* Healing and balancing the chakras. 
* Healing any energy blocks that have originated from past life issues that have not been resolved.
* Bring an influx of energy into the body, creating increased sparkle, liveliness, endurance and zest for life.
* May help bring feelings of peace, harmony, patience, and acceptance. 
* Will help you to release stress.

Please plan to drink plenty of water after this session, and you MAY need a few days of planned rest. This varies per person and everyone will experience different symptoms after a session. 

You can purchase this healing session as often as you’d like! The effects are not permanent and it’s impossible for me to say exactly how long the effects will last for each person. It varies based on each individual. 

Legally I must state that this is not a medical treatment and is not intended to treat any physical conditions or ailments. Energy work is not a replacement for medical care or a substitution for the care of a doctor.

Chakra Flush & Repair Bundle ~