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This is a tiny but very powerful charm bottle pendant made with authentic moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, quartz points, and kyanite blades. I have glued this closed to seal it. It comes with a dainty 18” stainless steel cable chain. This can be worn or hung up around your altar, your bed, in your vehicle, etc. These are made of glass so please be mindful of this. There is no need to cleanse this bottle, as kyanite cleanses all of the contents!
Moldavite is a talisman sent to Earth for spiritual awakening, transformation and evolutionary growth. It facilitates strong, clear, and direct connection between one's consciousness and the Universal Source. With its own cosmic oversoul, Moldavite has an ability to connect with Ascended Masters and cosmic messengers, and draw into the Earth plane those thought patterns and light vibrations which are most beneficial for ascension and illumination. 

Herkimer Diamonds are a rare and beautiful, double-terminated variety of quartz found in the Herkimer, New York area. Herkimers are also known as vision stones, increasing awareness and intuition as well as enhancing the dream state and providing assistance with dream recall. There is also a very balancing energy that resonates from the double-terminated formation of the crystal.

The high vibration and rapid transfers of energy from Kyanite create pathways where none existed before. Like a universal bridge, it is an extraordinary crystal of connection, opening the mind centers, enhancing telepathic and psychic abilities, bridging gaps in all communication efforts, and providing a link for transmitting or receiving healing energy. It immediately aligns the chakras and subtle bodies, bringing tranquility and a calming effect to the whole being. It is an exceptional stone for transitioning into deep meditative states. 

Kyanite is one of the two minerals on the planet that neither accumulates nor retains negative energy, and therefore never needs cleansing. Kyanite's energy is unlimited in application, making it an excellent stone for metaphysical purposes, and it may be used for cleansing and clearing other crystals.

Bottle measurements:
Height 25mm, Width 20mm, Thickness 20mm. Capacity approximately 2ml.

Brilliant Vibes Tiny Bottle Charm Pendant