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Blue Kyanite Earrings ~ 

12mm silvery blue kyanite drilled and wrapped in stainless steel with hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel “fish hook” earring and silicone backs. 

These beautiful earrings were created using the cleansing and healing powers of water & lunar magick. They have also been infused with Reiki healing energy. 

All vessels have been cleansed, charged, and enchanted to aid you in dream work, psychic development, communication, and bonding with your entity.

What is special about kyanite? 
* They are powerful healing crystals for you to use, as any color of Kyanite will benefit the ongoing healing of the body.
* These crystals also aid the development of spiritual and psychic gifts.
* As Kyanite does not retain or accumulate negative vibrations of any type it does not need cleansing, other than to remove dust, and it is highly beneficial to use it often to align your chakras.
* Chakra alignment with this stone is easy, and should to be done regularly, as issues may occur that you had not noticed and these can cause you health problems.

Blue Kyanite Earrings ~