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Blue Flower Moon ~ Communication Spell Sachet

This spell sachet/bottle contains a variety of potent herbs, botanicals, and crystals associated with communicating, calming, and healing. This spell sachet was created during this month’s Full Blue Flower Moon and will assist you with your throat chakra, improving communication between you and your spirit/entity companions as well as the people in your life. It will also assist you with healing and renewal and is very calming overall. 

This Spell Sachet Kit includes a 25ml glass vial filled with several types of crystals/stones, fresh 100% organic herbs and botanicals, and a blue organza bag. I would recommend using about 1/3 of the bottle in each Sachet, so each vial should be enough to create at least 2-3 sachets. After about a month or so, (or whenever you feel it’s best) throw out the old herbs and botanicals but keep the crystals and stones.  

What’s inside?
Small sodalite & fluorite crystals, one medium polished lapis lazuli, several pieces of blue kyanite, lavender, organic/edible butterfly pea flowers, mugwort, blue cornflower, elder flower, and blue lotus petals. 

I avoided using any oils with this blend as kyanite does not do well if it gets wet, so this blend is different than some of my other blends, but that does not mean it works any differently! Simply shake a little bit into the organza bag and tie it off. You can then place it under your pillow (or inside your pillow case as I prefer to do). You can also hang it up near your bed or around your altar if you prefer. 

This blend will help you with communication of all kinds with spirits, entities, and even deities. I created it to activate, repair, and strengthen the throat chakra, so communicating with others will come much easier over time. 

It has been enchanted to boost your communication abilities while you sleep. This may result in dreams of your companions and an increase of messages from your companions as well. This can help you break down any blocks you have that negatively impact your ability to communicate with your companions, guides, or deities. I would strongly recommend keeping a dream journal so that you can write things down and keep track of these messages. Not everything will make sense initially, but keep it up and you will see results. 

After a few weeks to a month (whenever you feel it is needed) you can toss the used herbs and refill your Sachet to use again! Please don’t throw out the crystals! 

Additional Information:
Glass vial measures approximately 3” long and 0.8” wide.

Blue Flower Moon Communication Spell Sachet