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The Blood Of Medusa ~ Enchanted Vessel

I made this as a tribute to Medusa. It features a glass and stainless steel vial with a screw on cap filled with tiny natural red coral sticks. The coral has already been drilled, so each piece has one tiny hole in it, but it doesn’t take away from it’s beauty. 
Coral is great for banishment, divination, lust, prosperity, protection, and wisdom. 

The pendant comes with an 18 inch stainless steel cable link chain. The coral branches range in size from 6-15mm each. This piece will not tarnish! 

This vial can be opened by twisting it. Please be careful not to push too hard on the bail as it could break off. This can be worn as jewelry, as an offering for Medusa, hung around your altar, or used as a companion vessel if you’d like. 

This vial can be purchased and used as a vessel for *any* companion you have (or will have) from Aurora. She can a do distance binding to any vessel you purchase from Whimsical Wonders.

All vessels have been cleansed, charged, and enchanted to aid you in dream work, psychic development, communication, and bonding with your entity. 

Additional Information:
This vial is approximately 1.5 inches tall and has a 3mm opening. 

Care & Cleansing:
I would recommend cleansing the vial with selenite, kyanite, or with smoke (smudging). Please be mindful that this vial is made of glass. 

Blood Of Medusa ~ Coral Vial