-Due to Popular Demand- 


I am taking a handful of Custom orders for Baby Dragons! 

These Baby Dragons are all under 10 years old and have been cared for by me and my own Dragon companions for their entire life. 

These Babies hatched from eggs that were abandoned and left for dead, that myself and my spirit family (with permission from Dragon local councils and leadership) took in and cared for, providing a loving and wholesome environment for them to grow up in. 

As they are aging, they are now expressing interest in finding other humans and other families to spend time with! 

These Dragon Babies do have Dragon caretakers in their current realm, so you needn't worry about teaching them absolutely everything. They also currently have a place to live, eat, and sleep in their current realm, although many of them over time would want to move in to your astral area :) 


-These are a limited quantity custom- 

You can make requests as to what kind of race you would like, but I cannot guarantee that I will have the exact mix you are looking for. 

-Keep in mind that these will all be Hybrids- 

Baby Dragon Custom Conjure

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