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Ascension ~ Mini Memory Locket ~ Enchanted Vessel

This is a very powerful but tiny locket made with authentic moldavite, and two A Grade Herkimer Diamonds. The Herkimer Diamonds are water clear with good terminations and the larger of the two features a “twin” Herkimer crystal at one end. It’s very unique and beautiful. 

This stainless steel magnetic memory locket measures 20 mm (0.8 inches) in diameter. I will include a stainless steel cable link chain with purchase. You can choose a 22” or 28” long chain by leaving a note at checkout. 

All vessels have been cleansed, charged, and enchanted to aid you in dream work, psychic development, communication, and bonding with your entity. 

Care & Cleansing:
I would recommend cleansing this locket with selenite, kyanite, or with smoke (smudging). Please be mindful that this locket is made of glass. 

Moldavite is a talisman sent to Earth for spiritual awakening, transformation and evolutionary growth. It facilitates strong, clear, and direct connection between one's consciousness and the Universal Source. With its own cosmic oversoul, Moldavite has an ability to connect with Ascended Masters and cosmic messengers, and draw into the Earth plane those thought patterns and light vibrations which are most beneficial for ascension and illumination. 

Herkimer Diamonds are a rare and beautiful, double-terminated variety of quartz found in the Herkimer, New York area. Herkimers are also known as vision stones, increasing awareness and intuition as well as enhancing the dream state and providing assistance with dream recall. There is also a very balancing energy that resonates from the double-terminated formation of the crystal.

Ascension ~ Mini Memory Locket