No, these are not literally Argonians from Skyrim, but they look almost the same (with the exception that this species more frequently has feathers, crests, and hair), and they were okay with being called that. 


With that said, let me tell you a little about this species. They do share some similarities with Argonians from the game beyond their looks. Their capital city is in a marshy area as well, but their realm spans many biome types including desert and jungle as well. They live in a somewhat advanced tribal sort of culture, they have wooden homes often made in trees and they eat both meat and vegetables, using hunting, livestock raising, wild-harvesting and farming to meet their food needs. 


Their culture is inclusive and simple and they are not too dissimilar from humans. They have a natural affinity for potions, poisons, herbal remedies, extracting useful compounds from things such as forest mushrooms- a great boon to anyone into nature. They also love to hunt and love to use tactics of stealth and occasionally traps to capture their prey. They have excellent night vision, and are proficient swimmers, although they cannot breathe underwater. 


Argonians have a decent amount of interest in magickal and spiritual workings, and some of them are very proficient at it. You may even see some working as oracles and having stunning results. In general, the astral is easy to traverse for them, they can slip in and out of realms quietly and unseen, and they make excellent information gatherers. When it comes to defense, most of them are skilled at physical combat, and about half of them know metaphyisical shielding tactics as well. They would, overall, be a good companion for an astral traveler, too. 


Argonians are a friendly species and they love to talk and experience things together. The human world is a mystery to them so a lot of things they see with you, they may be seeing for the first time. It is okay though, because they love to learn and have very open minds. They often have a good sense of humor, although some human jokes will not make sense to them. If you are interested in it, you could pursue a relationship of a romantic or sexual nature with them, as well. 

Argonian Entity Custom Conjure

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