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Aphrodite Altar Box Set With 5x7 Custom Print ~

This gorgeous altar box includes many of Aphrodite’s favorite things! She helped me put it together and we had so much fun working on this together! I adore Aphrodite and love working with her. She can assist with so many things, not just love as some might think. 

This one of a kind set includes:

Hand carved mango wood box with a floral and butterfly design. Measures 7x5x5 inches. This box has been enchanted to function as a charging & cleansing box for any of your magickal tools, enchanted items, or companion vessels. It’s the perfect size for your altar and is a beautiful decorative piece. 

Aphrodite Offering Blend - 
Pink organza bag filled with tiny seashells, rose quartz, garnet, red rose buds, red & pink rose petals, white dove feathers, and freshwater pearls. This makes a lovely offering for Aphrodite! You can use the large shell as an offering bowl and add a small amount of this blend before and after working with Aphrodite to show your appreciation for her. 

2 x raw rose quartz crystals - approximately 1.5-2” each. 

2 x Palo Santo sticks with raw quartz point, raw rose quartz, and a small sea shell bound with twine. (Please cut and unwrap before using!!)

Polished pearl abalone shell on grey/silver colored cord necklace with lobster claw clasp. Enchanted to assist with connecting with Aphrodite, encouraging self love, attracting a new love and/or strengthening an existing love, healing, cleansing, and renewal. 

Aphrodite Offering Candle - 4 ounce handmade pink soy candle with hibiscus and rose petals, rose absolute, frankincense, and tea rose essential oils. Topped with rose quartz, garnet, and seashells.  

2 x cinnamon sticks and a selenite stick tied with pink ribbon. Selenite stick is approximately 3” long. You can keep this inside the box to keep all of your items cleansed or use it as a wand to cleanse your aura. 

Purple/Pink Florida scallop shell - approximately 2.5”. 

White Florida clam shell - approximately 2”. 

One large Dinocardium shell -
genus of large saltwater clams or cockles. Approximately 3x4”. 

25ml glass vial of Himalayan pink salt. Vial is approximately 3” tall. 

25ml glass vial of white Gulf Coast beach sand. Vial is approximately 3” tall. 

Aphrodite artwork made exclusively for Whimsical Wonders! - 

This is a double sided 5x7 black and white Aphrodite line drawing by Milk, owner and operator of The Milk Potion shop on discord. Thank you Milk!!! It’s printed on thick white card stock and features a quote on the back. It includes a white envelope with a beautiful pink liner. You can frame it, display it on your altar as a representation of Aphrodite, or put it in your BOS. It’s up to you! 

Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, passion, fertility, and desire. She is a sea Goddess, patroness of sailors, and even a Goddess of war. Aphrodite is often depicted as being selfish and vain, but she loves fiercely and protectively. She will often respond to aid in the revenge of a woman scorned.

Aphrodite Altar Box Set With Art!