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Antique Skeleton Key Pendants ~ Enchanted Vessels ~ 

These antique Skelton key pendants vary in age and type, but are all between 60-150+ years old. They are authentic original barrel skeleton keys made of heavy steel. These are not reproductions or copies! 

Each key has a rich history and each one has its own individual energy! Wonderful additions for any witch that can be used as jewelry, to wear during rituals, to turn into a very special vessel (or master vessel), hang around your altar, use as a decorative piece, to dedicate to Hecate, and more! 

They range in size from approximately 2.75” long to 3.5” long. Please see photos for additional details. 

Physical Skeleton keys represent the opening of many locks, therefore these pieces have been enchanted to assist with opening your senses and discovering what is hidden deep inside, just waiting to be released. They will help you become more open spiritually if you work with them. Each skeleton key includes a crystal, Pearl, or bone and you can choose from a chain, cord, or ribbon necklace.  

Herkimer Diamond 
Peacock Pearl 
Faceted Garnet 
Smoky Quartz 

Additional enchantments can be added using the Enchantment Add On Listing!!

Antique Skeleton Key Pendants ~ Enchanted Vessels ~