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Antique Coffin Nail Pendants ~ 

These coffin nails are well over 100 years old, were used in actual coffins, and have been stored in a jar of graveyard dirt to further boost their magickal properties. Due to the removal process, some of the nails may be curved which adds to their appearance of antiquity. They have been cleaned of rust! 

Each antique coffin nail has been wrapped in 18g copper or stainless steel. See photos for additional details. 

I have one of each available!

The copper wrapped coffin nail comes with a black stainless steel chain. 

The stainless steel wrapped coffin nail comes with a stainless steel chain. 

Coffin nails may be used to enhance magical potency, protection, binding, 
breaking and carving spells.

Enchantments can be added using the Enchantment Add On Listing!!

Antique Coffin Nail Pendants ~