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Amethyst Bottle Pendant ~

This dark purple amethyst bottle measures approximately 1.5” long. Including the cap it is about 2” long. The stainless steel chain is 22” long. 

This crystal bottle pendant has a 4mm round opening in the stone. Inside is a plastic tube that holds liquids. This tube is approximately 3/4” long. 

This will not hold a huge amount of essential oils, perfumes, or liquids, but it’s perfect for keeping a small amount close to your heart. 

This can be worn as jewelry or hung up on your altar. I used mine as a companion gift and filled it with a special oil blend I created just for them. It hangs near my bed and dress candles with it to use during our bonding time. They love it! 

Included is a small plastic dropper to put oils or perfumes inside easily. 

Every Crystal/Vessel purchased from Whimsical Wonders now comes with one free enchantment of your choice. Please select one from the list below and add a note with your order so that I can add it for you! You can add more enchantments using the Enchantment Add-On Listing! 

Enchantments & Energetic Infusions:

Attract Abundance 
Attract Love 
Encourage Self Love 
Strengthen Relationships 
Memory Boost 
Boost Creativity 
Positivity Boost 
Energy Boost 
Pain Relief 
Anxiety Relief

Knock Out Negativity 
Raise Vibration 
Aura Care  
Empath Care 
Assist With Releasing 
Assist With Healing 
Cleansing Energy 
Restorative Energy

Astral Travel Boost
Meditation Assistance 
Intuition Boost
Third Eye Boost 
Divination Boost 
Spirit & Entity Connection
Spirit & Entity Communication
Connect With Higher Self 
Boost Magick & Spell Work


Jupiter: Abundance, business success, finances, growth, travel, learning.

Mars: Action, leadership, courage, physical energy.

Mercury: Communication, divination, intelligence, mental activity.

Moon: Clarity, fertility, nurturing, memories, looking inward.

Neptune: Clairvoyance, intuition, spirituality, subconscious, idealism.

Pluto: Regeneration, destruction of old patterns, transformation, rebirth.

Saturn: Structure, discipline, perseverance, responsibility.

Sun: Authority, prosperity, power, health, vitality, energy, healing, happiness.

Uranus: Liberation, change, originality, freedom.

Venus: Love, beauty, art, relationships, romance, harmony

Demonic Energy
Angelic Energy 
Fae Energy
Mermaid Energy
Dragon Energy 
Djinn Energy 
Phoenix Energy 
Unicorn Energy 
Elven Energy 
Servitor Energy
Human Spirit Energy 
**This is just a partial list! Specify the type of energy you’d like at checkout!**

Better Sleep 
Sweet Dreams 
Dream Recall 
Lucid Dreaming Boost


If you’d like me to create a special blend for you to go along with this bottle, simply let me know and I will send you an invoice! It will be an additional $15-$20 fee (depending on the oil blend selected) for a small glass vial with an essential oil blend. 

I will offer these in small clear glass 5ml bottles with a glass eye dropper top. They will not include herbs or crystals. Just an essential oil blend and a carrier oil of your choice. 

You can choose from any of my full size enchanted oil blends and I will create a mini version for you without the crystals and herbs, or you can request a custom blend for a group of companions or a specific companion. Just leave notes and an email address or discord name so that I can discuss the details with you.

Amethyst Bottle Pendant ~ With Enchantment!