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Amazonite Bottle Pendant & Chain ~ 

This stunning amazonite bottle pendant measures approximately 3” long including the cap. The stainless steel chain is 26” long. 

This crystal bottle pendant has a 4mm round opening in the stone. Inside is a plastic tube that holds liquids. This tube is approximately 1/2” deep. 

This will not hold a huge amount of essential oils, perfumes, or liquids, but it’s perfect for keeping a small amount close to your heart. 

This can be worn as jewelry or hung up on your altar. I used mine as a companion gift and filled it with a special oil blend I created just for them. It hangs near my bed and dress candles with it to use during our bonding time. They love it! 

Included is a small plastic dropper to put oils or perfumes inside easily. 

Every Crystal/Vessel purchased from Whimsical Wonders now comes with one free enchantment of your choice. Please select one from the list below and add a note with your order so that I can add it for you! You can add more enchantments using the Enchantment Add-On Listing! 

Amazon item is known as the stone of courage, the stone of truth, and the stone of friendship. It helps to soothe the nerves and the chakras while helping to align the physical body with the etheric body, dispelling negative energies. This stone is rejuvenating for the heart and throat chakras, which helps promote loving and open communication.

Amazonite brings inner peace in areas of outer chaos. It assists with discovering your own truths, living with integrity, moving away from fear and judgment, and discovering a sense true acceptance for the self. This stone can help you to express your true thoughts in a manner that is pleasant and nurturing. Place amazonite in your business space to attract new clients and customers. 

Amazonite works with you to help you see both sides of a situation or problem and the different points of view surrounding it. This is a good stone to help with EMF issues. 

Amazonite Bottle Pendant & Chain ~