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What happens when you get a Custom Conjure?

Although to me, the process is very simple, I have been asked a few times in the past how, exactly, conjuring works. To me, of course, it seems obvious- but to others, it might not be. Each conjurer develops their own workflow and process, and most of them don't lay it out step by step. Sometimes, people wonder- what is it about conjuring that takes so long? What work actually has to be done?

When someone orders a custom conjure, I look at the request and the information the keeper has given. I will take a small sample of their auric energy, and craft a "call" based on their requests. A call is like a bulletin, a mass message, or a wanted ad- I attach a sample of the keeper's energy, and send the call out to the locations most likely to garner the keeper's requested species. Sometimes, I get few responses to the call on one day, so I try again the next- it just depends on who is around to hear it. All of the entities that respond to the call are given preliminary vetting procedures, during which the binding contract terms are explained to them and their species, name, and background information is checked out.

At this point, the pool of entities is ready for me. I will take a look at all of those who answered the call and agreed to the binding terms, and considering the keeper's energy and their requests (or keywords), I will narrow down the pool of entities a bit. Once all of the entities who do not fit the keeper's requests have been thanked for their time and sent on their way, the final selection process is very one on one. I will compare the keeper's energy to the energy of each entity, and see which pairing resonates the best. I will interview the top three best matches, asking them questions to learn more about them and ensure that they will be a good companion.

Once I have gotten to know them a bit and I am sure of who will be the best companion for this particular keeper, I fully vet the chosen entity myself. I do a full background check, examining where they live, where they say they come from, looking at any marks or soul debris, parasites, or energetic cords they may have, and even more. They are interviewed extensively, both through asking questions and examining their energy. If everything checks out, I will go through the terms of the binding one on one with them and explain to them some basic rules and tips that they should follow. I will explain my binding process to them and tell them what is and is not allowed. For example harming their keeper is never allowed.

Once they have agreed to the binding terms and totally passed vetting, they are ready for their write-up. The write-up is like a secondary interview process, as you all know I begin with a simple physical description of the entity and then delve further into their personality. I use my own knowledge and impressions from interacting with the entity, as well as their responses to my questions and conversational prompts to build a description of their personality and their past. At the end of all this, the write-up is sent off to the keeper for approval!

It is quite a lengthy procedure, and the calling and vetting process can take longer for some than for others- you can probably imagine, but it takes longer to vet a 10,000 year old entity than a 30 year old one, because there is more information to double-check when it comes to beings who have lived for ages.

However, be assured, that the entity that is written up for you came through for you and wanted to be with you!

They were willing to go through all of this just to get a chance to be your partner!

I hope that this demystifies things a bit, and that it helps people to understand why Customs can sometimes take a bit of time. This article doesn't address the binding process, since that can easily be a whole article on its own- but I will be writing that soon!

Stay safe-


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