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There is no Metaphysical Easy Button

In the media and popular culture, there is a massive misrepresentation of magick, spirits, demons, and what they can do for you. So many people live under the misconception that you can just trade your soul or some meager offerings to a deity, and instantly be granted boons beyond compare. In years past, a lot of people perpetuated this image by posting listings on eBay and other sites claiming the grandest things would happen if you bought a particular entity or spirit. This Djinn has served kings and they will make you into a god among men! You will be rich beyond measure and your life will be easy! Many people bought those listings, and yet the balance of wealth and power in our world did not change. Hundreds and thousands of people wishing to be rich, wishing to be worshiped as celebrities, loved as politicians, the CEO of their company or a sexual magnet to everyone else on Earth.

Perhaps these people, when their wish was not granted, simply brushed off the metaphysical. Surely, it's all bullshit if my wish didn't come true, right?

I am of the mind that such stereotypes and perceptions are doing a huge disservice not only to the metaphysical community, but to newcomers to this community. I believe that we as sellers and practitioners have the duty to responsibly educate the people we work with as customers, and that we should try to set up realistic expectations in their minds for what they can expect working with meta.

So I am aiming to do just that. No, meta isn't bullshit! But it's not going to make you a rich sex god overnight, either. The people who benefit the most from metaphysical and spiritual involvement in their lives are the people who've spent YEARS working with deities and entities. They develop relationships and friendships with these beings, and they continually offer their support and love to these beings. They don't do it because they are hoping the being will eventually reward them- they do it because they want to invite that being into their life.

Especially when working with Deities, you must realize that there are billions of people on the planet, and billions more in the astral, who ALL constantly beg these Deities for favors. Why on Earth would they mindlessly grant peoples desires all day? If you walk up to any random person on the street, and say "Hey bud, can you give me $20?" they will probably say no, because they do not know you and they feel that you are just bothering them. IT IS THE SAME FOR DEITIES! They get contacted all day every day by random people they've never seen before just begging for stuff for free. Now of course after thousands of years they are used to it, but when you start out in meta and you immediately try to bargain with a Deity, do not get surprised when they just ignore you. Because to them, you are just another voice in a sea of voices. Millions of voices.

Sometimes people try to bargain with Deities, this also often does not work. Best case scenario, not much happens, worst case scenario, you get taken advantage of by one or multiple trickster and feeder entities who make you suffer so they can savor your pain. Lets go back to the random person on the street example. "Hey bud, can you give me $20? if you do, I will tell 100 people that you are super nice!" they would still probably say no. Deities are not going to entertain your requests just because you offer to do something for them, or offer to give them something. Once again, THOUSANDS of people are petitioning to them, and trying to bargain with them every day. On top of that, they are Deities- literal gods. What could a human possibly have that they would want enough to trade for it?

So how DO you benefit from spiritual involvement in your life? How do you have a mutually beneficial relationship with an entity, or a Deity? You treat them like a person- like a friend, and sometimes, like family. Talk to your entity, or your favored Deity, every day! Tell them what is going on with you, and express interest in what is going on with them. Even if you cannot hear telepathically, entities and Deities LOVE when people ask them how they are doing for once. It makes them feel like you care about them in some way beyond just wanting them to do favors for you. Offerings are also appreciated by some entities and many Deities, though the favored offerings change depending on who you are talking to. However, you don't need some grand altar or a big fire or a goat sacrifice or to offer your soul- you do not need to do any of that. In fact, most entities and even Deities will be appreciative simply if you ask them to join you in a meal, or accompany you to a party, or even sit with you and listen to music.

Spirits, entities, and Deities, all have personalities and minds and thoughts and feelings, just like us! They want to feel appreciated and loved. And just like how when you love your friends and family, you want to do things for them to make them happy, once you become beloved by an entity or Deity, they will feel the same desire towards you. They will want to return your care and love, and they will want to make you happy! You wont have to ask at all, unless you want help with a specific thing.

This process, becoming close to an entity or a Deity, takes months to years. There is no easy way to do this! It sucks, but it is the truth. There are not many entities that will be content with simply mindlessly granting wishes, being used as a tool by a human to better their life, without that human ever showing them love and appreciation. If you wish to truly benefit from spirits and entities in your life, please think about how you approach spirituality in general. Do you want to enrich your life with otherworldly companionship, and experience life through anothers eyes? Do you want a friend and a companion? Do you want a lover, or a close connection, someone who cares immensely about you? If so, you will have to start things off by caring about them.

If the only reason you are pursuing meta is to get an entity or Deity to be your slave, granting your every desire and making you into the ruler of the human world, you will be completely disappointed no matter what seller you go to and no matter what entity binding you purchase. Entities and Deities can cause changes in your life, but you have to change theirs first! Enrich their lives by being their treasured companions and friends, and they will surely want to enrich your life in return. It is a long process, but it is simple, and I believe that anyone who has had a years long relationship with an entity or Deity would agree, that when done properly the rewards you get from spiritual companionship are more fulfilling than any Earthly goods or treasures.

Stay Safe- Aurora <3

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